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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions

12/5/05 - 12/9/05


Nitpick:  Two Minutes
Why would Liz practically force Julian to sleep with her? We thought she said she hated sex because of him.

Nitpick:  10 Minutes
Why didn't Gwen hear Noah talking in Ethan's room when she had the door open?

Nitpick:  12 Minutes
Why didn't the cop who stopped Theresa recognize her?  He was the same one who was at the hospital when Gwen wanted her arrested.


Nitpick:  Almost Every Episode
Why does Ethan's siblings refer to him as their half-brother?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why couldn't Fancy tell that Theresa was with Noah? You would think that she would have recognized her voice.

Nitpick:  16 Minutes
Why was Noah worried about the police if he took the navigational device out of the ambulance?

Nitpick:  33 Minutes
Why didn't Noah tell Fancy the truth about helping Theresa when he had the chance?  What good did it do to beat himself up about it?

Nitpick:  44 Minutes
How is Julian a changed man when he's cheating on his wife?


Continuity:  Throughout the Episode
When Sam and Spike were fighting in Tuesday's episode it was daytime, but when they were fighting in this episode, it was dark.

Continuity:  Throughout the Episode
Sheridan's hair and clothes were different.

Nitpick:  40 Minutes
Why would Kay and fox have sex when they know what's happened to Ethan?

Nitpick:  49 Minutes
When Valerie called Fox's cell phone, her name and number showed up on the Caller ID.  That shouldn't have happened when she called from his office phone.


Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
Why was the phone in Kay's room still buzzing when it should have stopped after a few minutes?

Nitpick:  Throughout the Episode
How did Valerie know Tabitha's number?

Nitpick:  19 Minutes
How did Norma get Tabitha's cell phone number?


Nitpick:  Three Minutes
Why did Sheridan say she didn't know how much more loss she could take as if she's the only one who lost someone?

Nitpick:  First 15 Minutes
How was Ivy able to see everything that was going on in Tabitha house from her vantage point?

Nitpick:  First 15 Minutes
Why was Fancy wasting time talking to herself about Noah and the other woman?  She should have busted him in the act instead.

Editing Error:  45 Minutes
The food that Endora was holding changed sizes within the same scene.


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