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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

11/7/05 11/11/05


Continuity Error: First Five Minutes
Jessica was wearing a different outfit from the one she was wearing last week.

Continuity Error:  Throughout episode
Visiting hours at the hospital were over so why was Rebecca still there?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why didn't Theresa recognize Gwen's voice when she called the hospital?

Continuity Error:  Ten minutes
When did Fox have time to get a room decorated for Kay?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why were Ethan's eyes open if he's in a coma?

Continuity Error:  Throughout the episode
Jessica was acting high when she was sober before.

Plot hole:  27 minutes
How did Fox know how Ivy treats Fancy when he's not around Fancy?

Nitpick:  First half hour
Why did the gunman waste time talking to Chris if he wanted to kill him?


Editing Mistake:  First five minutes
The blood on Spike and Noah changed.

Editing Mistake:  First five minutes
Theresa's bruise changed.

Editing Mistake:  Throughout the episode
Jessica didn't have scars on her stomach

Nitpick:  Throughout episode
How did Sam know to be at the motel when Noah and Spike were fighting?

Editing Mistake:  55 minutes
When Spike punched his fist on the mirror, there was no blood on his hand.


Nitpick:  First five minutes
Why would Fox have a lock on the inside of his closet?

Nitpick:  First five minutes
Why would Gwen make noise before she went in Ethan's room?  If she didn't, she would have caught Theresa in the room.

Continuity Error:  First ten minutes then throughout the episode
Why didn't Gwen or Rebecca see Theresa under Ethan's bed?  The covers weren't long enough to cover her.

Continuity Error:  Throughout the episode
Sheridan's hair was styled differently.

Nitpick:  Last 15 minutes
Why was Sheridan happy when her friend could be dying?


Nitpick:  First five minutes
Gwen was using a cell phone in the hospital.

Nitpick:  First five minutes
If Gwen gave the nurses orders to keep Theresa out of Ethan's room, why was she able to stay with Ethan?

Continuity Error:  20 minutes
Sam asked Noah if he was considering a career in law, but he went to school to be a doctor.

Nitpick:  About 22 minutes
If Whitney wants to be a nun, why was she lying to the other nun?


 Nitpick:  First five minutes
Why was Ivy trying to justify why she ignored her other children?

Nitpick:  14 minutes
Why would Fox take a day off after the way Alistair yelled at him earlier?

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
How was Theresa able to hear Eve talking when she was talking low?

Continuity Error:  29 minutes
When Fox and Kay were getting married in Endora's fairy tale, Father Lonigan called Fox Foxworth.  Fox's first name is Nicholas.

Nitpick:  Throughout the episode
Why didn't Sam and Ivy go see Ethan?

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