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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

10/31/05 11/4/05


Why did TC have to confront Simone about being a lesbian in front of Jessica?

Chris didn't seem too worried about James.  Sheridan shouldn't have cared more than Chris.

Ivy didn't want Fancy with Noah so why would she try and talk her into getting back together with him?

Is Ivy living with Sam again?  She is acting as if she's living there.

Leave it to Jessica to assume that Simone was in love with her.  You would think that she would have been more grateful to her after everything she's done for her.

Rebecca wanted to use her cell phone in the hospital.


It was daytime in Monday's episode, but it was nighttime in this one and everyone was still having the same conversations.

Why didn't the cop arrest Theresa for Ethan's attempted murder.?

Why was Noah acting as if he didn't break up with Fancy first?  He shouldn't have done it if wanted to be with her.

Why would Sheridan want to leave Harmony when she wanted to find Marty?

Theresa said that she poisoned the avocado dip, but it was guacamole.

The scars that Jessica had on her arms were different.

Why would Theresa want to pray to God now that she almost killed Ethan, but she didn't want to do it when she wanted to kill Alistair?


Eve and the nurses weren't wearing hairnets while they were in the hospital room with Ethan.

Theresa was carrying on at the hospital as if she had more of a reason to be there than Gwen.

The writers rewrote the reason why Sheridan lost Luis.  She was the one who pushed him away.

Theresa was the one who tried to kill Ethan, but the writers are expecting us to feel sympathy for her.

Valerie was in the hall at Crane Industries one minute and in Chad's office in the next scene.  She looked as if she was with him all along.


Why did Chris have to talk Sheridan into staying in Harmony because of Marty?  She should have figured that out on her own.

Since Theresa tried to kill Alistair, why would he help her? He should have let the police officer arrest her.

Theresa used her cell phone at the hospital.

Theresa wanted Alistair to rape another woman. You would think that she wouldn't want anyone else to be raped.


How come Simone and Paloma beat Jessica and her john to the motel when they didn't know where they were going?

Why was Sam so willing to leave the hospital when his son was there?

Ivy had a fur coat on when she went out with Sam, but she didn't have it when she was at the hospital.

Why did Fox have to worry about himself when he found out about Ethan?

Why did Kay and Fox have to dance instead of going to the hospital?

The bruise on Jessica's face got lighter.

Michele and Cheryl

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