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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

10/24/05 10/28/05


Fox's computer was upstairs when it was downstairs last week.

Why would Theresa think that Alistair was dead when he was still breathing while she was smothering him?

When did Jessica become Simone's best friend?  What happened to Kay?

Why didn't Fancy call for help when she saw Theresa trying to kill Alistair?

Why does Simone keep helping Jessica when she keeps going back to Spike?


When did Kay and Fox take a picture together?

If Julian cared about Miles, why doesn't he go see him?

When did Alistair have time to fix up Fancy's office?

Why does Theresa keep telling people that Alistair rapes her when she willingly sleeps with him?

Why was Theresa worried about killing Alistair instead of mourning her brother's death?

Why was Theresa acting as if she was forced to marry Alistair?


Why wouldn't Chad want to go to Luis's funeral?  You would think that he would want to be there for Theresa.

Why did some of the guests at the funeral show up before the Lopez-Fitzgeralds?

Why didn't Theresa sit with her family at the funeral?

Why couldn't Kay go to the funeral by herself?

Why was Kay able to go in the church when she sold her soul?

Kay didn't ask Tabitha where Maria was when she saw Tabitha at the funeral.

When Eve followed Theresa, she should have heard the pill bottle that she gave her.


Why does every building look like the Crane mansion?

Why does Jessica keep refusing to be with the johns one minute and does it the next?

How did Alistair know Chris's name if Chris doesn't know him?

There were no books in the Book Cafe.

Why was Simone's stomach still hurting when Spike punched her the night before?

Jessica sobered up awful quick when she saw how her john was dead.

Why is Simone always the first person Jessica calls whenever she's in trouble, but she never listens when Simone tries to stop her from going off with Spike?

Sam was sitting with Ivy at Pilar's house one minute then he was at home the next.


Alistair didn't see Rebecca by his door when he was on the phone.

Why did Rebecca say that Theresa poisoned the guacamole when Theresa drugged it?

Michele and Cheryl

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