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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

10/17/05 10/21/05


If Eve thought that Liz would continue to make her suffer, why wouldn't she press charges against her?

How much of a break was Noah going to get?

Why did Ivy suddenly believe that Jessica was guilty of murder when she was one of the ones telling Sam that she was innocent?

Why did Sheridan have to wait until she couldn't make any decisions about Luis before she told Pilar about him?

Why wasn't Theresa at home with Pilar and Martin?  Why was killing Alistair more important than being with her family?

Why did Ivy say that Luis's death would kill Sheridan?  What about Pilar?


Sheridan's hair was styled differently.

Why was Eve comforting Sheridan instead of Pilar?

Why didn't Theresa bring little Ethan to Pilar's house?

How was Noah going to get another job when Alistair blackballed him?


Tabitha's ice pack was gone.

Why didn't Fox like his family if he thought that Alistair was worth admiring?

Why doesn't Fancy know how to do something since she went to fancy schools?

When is Sheridan going to comfort Pilar?

Why would Fancy waste money on lottery tickets?

Why was Liz wasting Noah's time by talking about Fancy and the Cranes?  She wanted him to go back to work before, yet she was talking to him.

Why would Simone and Jessica go out for ice cream after everything that happened that night?

Why didn't Simone and Jessica go to Pilar's house to be with Paloma?  She helped them cover up Jessica murdering her john so they should have been with her to grieve for her brother.

Why was Noah against working for Alistair when Kay does it?

Why was Sheridan the only one who heard "Luis" talking right away?


When could Ivy have gone to Pilar's house when everyone else was having the same conversation and she wasn't there?

Why did Sheridan think that Agent Ramirez was Luis?

Why did Agent Ramirez let Sheridan think he was Luis?

Doesn't Ivy seem obsessed with Noah?

Michele and Cheryl

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