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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

10/10/05 10/14/05


Gwen said that she wanted little Ethan out of the mansion because of Theresa.  If Gwen didn't want to be bothered with Theresa, why did she adopt little Ethan?

Why is little Ethan starting school?  Shouldn't he be in school already?

Why was Katherine still staying at the mansion?

When did little Ethan and Jane take a picture together?

Theresa didn't have a bruise on her face from when Alistair slapped her.

Why did Katherine have to tell Ethan about what Alistair did to Theresa?  Why couldn't she tell Martin and Pilar?

How did Sam know that Jessica didn't have fresh cuts on her arm when he only checked one arm?


Why was Theresa surprised that Ethan didn't know she was pretending to enjoy herself with Alistair

Why was everyone worried about Luis's death affecting Sheridan?  What about Martin and Pilar?

If Ethan loved Gwen, why did he sound jealous at the idea of Theresa sleeping with Alistair?

Why did Sheridan act as if losing Marty was worse than losing Luis?

Why would Ivy defend Jessica when she was nothing but rude to her?


Why doesn't Miguel try to keep in touch with Pilar?

Why did Martin bother renewing his vows with Pilar if he's still drawn to Katherine?

Why did Chris care more about hurting Sheridan than he did about his son?

Why are we expected to feel sorry for Fox because he has to work?  Other people have to do it so why shouldn't Fox?


Eve said the charges were dropped against her, but the judge didn't drop the charges.

Why did Eve have to be at the Blue Note when Liz got arrested?

Why did Liz have to get arrested at the Blue Note?

Why did Theresa have to get comforted by Ethan when she found out about Luis?

How did Noah know to have the storeroom ready for Fancy?


Why didn't Agent Hall let Chris know that he had men with him?

Why didn't Ethan deny the things that Theresa was saying if he wanted to stay with Gwen?

Why would Pilar defend Theresa when the things she said to Gwen hit close to home for her?

Why would Eve try to discredit Rebecca's testimony when it got her out of prison?

Why would Eve decide not to press charges against Liz?  Liz wouldn't have hesitated to press charges against her.

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