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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

10/3/05 – 10/7/05


When did Paloma leave Harmony?

Why didn’t Julian notice his children at the Seascape?

How come there was a little bit of blood on the knife if Jessica’s john was killed?

Theresa’s face was completely dry when she was just crying.

Why wouldn’t Jessica wash the blood off of her hands right away?

The blood on Jessica’s shirt changed.


The blood on Jessica’s john changed.

Why did Julian let Ethan adopt little Ethan, but he wouldn’t let Alistair do it?

The door at the motel was chain locked on Monday, but it was open on Tuesday.

When did Paloma get a car?

How old must Theresa be if she’s not that much older than Fancy?


Why were Simone and Jessica wasting so much time talking if they didn’t want to get caught?

Paloma’s license plate didn’t have a state on it.

Why didn’t Fox get his money back from when he bailed Theresa out of jail?  She never jumped bail so he should have gotten his money back.

Why would Rebecca want to be married to Julian when he was cut off?

What made Theresa think that Alistair would let her divorce him so easily?


Who was watching James while Sheridan and Chris were out?

Why was Theresa willing to go along with what Alistair wanted when he mentioned Jane, but she backed down when he wanted something?

How many times has Theresa slept with Alistair?  We thought it was once, but she made it seem like it was a lot.

If Alistair has been roughing Theresa up, where are the scars?

Why did Theresa expect Ethan to run away with her?


Jessica wasn’t high anymore.

Is Ethan the only lawyer in Harmony?  Is that why everyone has to rush and get his help?

Why was Ethan defending Theresa to Gwen?

Why did Simone and Paloma expect Jessica to be able to sleep after she killed someone?

Why would Theresa sign a contract without reading it?

Why were Pilar and martin trying to console Sheridan because of Luis’s death as if he isn’t their son?

What happened to Theresa’s burn marks?

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