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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

9/12/05 9/16/05


Fox's door was open wider than it was on last Friday.

How come no one heard Liz telling Eve about her offer to leave town?

Why didn't Ethan get a chance to ask Whitney any questions?

Why are the writers trying to make Ivy come off as a good person when she was a Crane?


Why wasn't Sam at Eve's trial?

Grace Nancier's hair was different from how it was before.

Why did Simone and Whitney have to read from cards when they were sworn in, but TC didn't?

Why would Gwen stand outside while Theresa was looking at the disks?

Why didn't Julian just tell Ms. Nancier that someone else hated him enough to kill him?

Why didn't Gwen throw the disks in the fire before Theresa got in the basement?

Why didn't the Blue Note look wrecked?


Why do the writers keep changing James?

Why did Theresa expect to be able to get the disks out of the incinerator?

Why was Theresa surprised that she was burned after she put her hand in the incinerator?

If Ethan always believes Theresa, why is he still with Gwen?

Why didn't Noah and Edmund recognize each other sooner?


Why didn't Sheridan call CPS instead of telling Chris that she was going to call them?

Why didn't Theresa try to grab Pilar before she fell back towards the incinerator?

Theresa's scar looked different. On Wednesday, her hand looked completely bruised, but now it looks as if there's no scar.

Why didn't the pastry burn the roof of Sheridan's mouth when she ate it? Chris had just taken it out of the oven when she ate it.


Ethan, Gwen, and Theresa's scenes started differently from the way it ended on Thursday.

Theresa's hand was not wrapped on Thursday, but it was wrapped on Friday.

How did Whitney get back to the convent?

Why wasn't Julian in jail when the judge held him in contempt of court?

Why couldn't Whitney write to Eve once she takes her final vows, but she would have been able to write to Theresa?

Michele and Cheryl

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