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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

9/5/05 9/9/05


Theresa hair was straight again.

Why didn't Tabitha notice the gloves sooner when Endora made her look like the colonel?

How come Theresa didn't have any bruises on her from the rape?

Why didn't Kay defend herself more against the guy who was on top of her since he didn't have all of his weight on her?

Why did Theresa take out the syrup (when she got ice cream) if she wasn't going to use it?

Why did Ethan sit and eat ice cream with Theresa when he was supposed to get little Ethan milk and cookies?

Why did the writers use Mackenzie's picture when Shannon was playing Sheridan?

If there weren't any cookies in the mansion, how was Ethan going to give them to little Ethan?


If Ethan didn't want to kiss Theresa, why didn't he stop kissing her sooner?

How did Chris know that Eve and Simone were at the B & B?

Where did Noah get his change of clothes when he went back home? He didn't even have Sam's tux with him.

How did Fox and Kay get wet from above when Tabitha turned on the faucet downstairs?

If Ethan didn't want to sleep with Theresa, why would he go to her room?

Why would Theresa want to have sex in the room that she was raped in?


Why would Sam want to see Kay and Fox all over each other?

Why didn't Fox tell Kay about the way she looked for why he didn't want to be with her?

Why wouldn't Kay want to check on Maria when she thought that there was another earthquake?

Kay had a bracelet on that she wasn't wearing before.


Why would Gwen keep talking about the tabloid when she knew that Theresa was in the mansion?

If Katherine didn't want to cause trouble for Pilar and Martin, why didn't she leave the church when she saw them?

If Liz saw Eve poison her punch, why did she drink it?

The time on the microwave in the mansion kept changing.

If Katherine knew that Theresa was raped, why didn't she help her?

Where did Liz get the money to buy Eve a ticket when she needed it to fix her club?

Why did Rebecca forget where she put the disk when she put it in the safe?

Why wasn't Theresa's back hurting when she was with Ethan, but it hurt when Pilar tried to hug her?


Why would Liz and Rebecca sit on Eve's side of the courtroom?

Why did Ivy say that Fancy was a gold digger when she's one too?

Why was there a jury for Eve's case when they were never picked?

Theresa had bruises on her arms that weren't there before.

Why wasn't Ethan give a list of the prosecutors witnesses?

Michele and Cheryl

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