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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

8/22/05 – 8/26/05


Where did Fancy get her cell phone? The stores should have been destroyed in the disaster.

How did Simone know that Whitney went to the convent?

How did Simone know that Julian and Eve were engaged?

How did Simone know what Chad named the baby?

Why did Noah try to hustle Tiny again when he was getting beat?

Why did Fancy have to take her dog to the bar that Noah was at?


Where did Sheridan get her clothes? She didn’t take anything with her when she left the mansion.

How did Theresa know to go to Rebecca’s room to find everyone?

Why did Theresa have to ask Rebecca and Gwen about the tabloid when Ethan and Julian were asking about Eve?

The bruise that was on Simone’s head was different.


Kay didn’t have to be so rude to Simone while she was trying to talk to her. She was gushing over Fox while Simone was talking to her.

Why did Jessica even go home if she was going to get smart with Sam again?

If Sheridan loves Marty so much, why was it so easy for her to love Mark so fast?


There was no blood on the Q-tip that Eve used on Simone’s head.

What makes Theresa think that her plan is working when she is no closer to getting Ethan or Jane?

When did TC start taking anger management classes?

Who called the police on TC and Sam when they went after Sam?

Theresa had no cuts or bruises on her leg and she punctured an artery in her leg.


The room that Sheridan and James were in wasn't messed up. How quickly did she clean up the B & B?

The glass Liz had in her hand was gone, but she had a bottle in her hand in the next scene.

Why didn't Pilar ask Theresa if she could give little Ethan's clothes away? Theresa might have wanted to keep them.

Theresa's dress had straps when it was on the hanger, but they were gone when she wore it.

Michele and Cheryl

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