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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

7/4/05 - 7/8/05


Why did Eve and Julian go out when they knew that Miles was sick?

Eve said that Chad didn't know that Julian is Mile's grandfather, but if Fox is Miles's father, then Julian would have been his grandfather.

Theresa and Pilar switched sides from Wednesday's episode. Theresa was on the right before and Pilar was on the left, but they switched sides.

Luis didn't question why Sheridan slapped him on Wednesday, but he did it in the episode.

The bruise on Sheridan's face was darker than it was before.

Theresa didn't fight as hard for little Ethan as she plans to fight for Jane.

Why did Fox leave the studio when he knew that Miles was sick?

How did Whitney manage to call Eve when she was talking to Chad?

Fancy was stuck with fish, but she managed to keep her pocketbook.

Noah turned his head before Fancy could hit him.


Why was Noah and Fancy's scene the same when it was a new day?

When did Gwen get a haircut?

Pilar and Theresa were having the same conversation, but they were wearing different clothes.

Why were certain people wearing the same clothes, but others weren't?

Sheridan's bruises on her face were different.

How did the fish get into Fancy's pocketbook when it was zipped?

When did Kay get her hair done?


Sheridan' bruise was different again. One minute it's healing and the next, it looks worse again.

How did Pilar know that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones going to Jane's room?

If Alistair loves Fancy so much, why didn't Ivy try to get her to run Crane Industries instead of Ethan?

Why didn't Rebecca and Gwen hear Theresa and Pilar talking, but they heard them?

Sheridan and Luis didn't see Beth looking out the window at the cabin, but she saw them.


Considering what Ivy has done, what right did she have to criticize Fancy?

Why didn't Gwen just open the closet door so she could catch Theresa and Pilar?

Why would Sam arrest Noah for burning down the club, but he didn't arrest Ethan, Fox, and Chad for destroying the other club?

If he wanted to get Marty back, why didn't Luis just shoot Beth when he had the chance?


The door at the cabin was closed in Thursday's episode, but it was open in this one.

Beth had the knife closer to Sheridan's neck in this episode. It wasn't as close to Sheridan's neck in Thursday's episode.

Why didn't Luis try to shoot Beth once Sheridan got away from her?

How did Beth get to the boat so fast when she was in the cabin with Shuis?

How did Shuis and Beth know how to sail the boats they were using?

Since Ethan is never around Kay, how does he know that she is a good mother to Maria?

How did Sheridan manage to hit the rocks when she saw Beth and Luis swerve away from it?

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