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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

6/20/05 - 6/24/05


How many times was Whitney going to sing the same song?

Why did Ivy call Fancy Ethan's half sister when all of his siblings are his half siblings?

How come Martin can go to Pilar now that Katherine is staying with Alistair?

Why would Ethan call Katherine grandmother when he doesn't want to acknowledge Julian as his father?

How come Whitney was able to hear Chad's conversation about Miles when she was far away from him? Whenever people are within a couple of inches from someone, they never hear anything.

Why would Eve want Whitney to nurse Miles when she knows she's been drinking?


Why did Ned burn down the club when he didn't know if anyone was in the club?

Pilar didn't have a picture of Miguel on her refrigerator.

How did Katherine know that Gwen suspected Beth before Sheridan did?

How come it took so long for the club to burn?

Why would Pilar want to renew her vows with Martin when he only did it to get over Katherine?

Why would Fancy want to stand around and talk while the club was on fire?


How did Theresa know to be near Chad's studio?

Why did Luis ask Sheridan if she found Marty when he didn't have him with her?

When did Marty get his bear back when he dropped it outside?

Why couldn't Theresa wait to find the proof about Gwen sending the info to the tabloid? Shouldn't she have stayed with Whitney?


Why did Fancy think that Ned was trying to kill her when he was trying to save her?

If Pilar didn't want Katherine's name mentioned in her house, why did she bring her up?

How did Katherine get Pilar's number?

If Fancy wanted Ned to tell her about the fire, why wouldn't she stop talking?

How were Pilar and Martin able to hear Katherine on the phone when she was whispering?

Why didn't Kay notice all of the noise and the shaking that went on in Tabitha's house? Tabitha said Kay was upstairs so she should have heard it.


When did Rebecca have time to change her clothes?

Why did Pilar expect Katherine to stay away from Martin, but she makes excuses for Theresa when she goes after Ethan?

When Theresa put Rebecca's disk in the computer, she didn't put it in the computer all of the way.

The ax Luis used to hit the wall turned into a sledgehammer.

Why didn't anyone notice how Alistair slipped away from them to let Beth out of the safe?

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