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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

6/6/05 - 6/10/05


Why couldn't Dottie tell Luis about Marty's DNA?

The picture that Edna gave to Sheridan was on Sheridan's bed before she went in her room.

Why was Sheridan taking little suitcases if she didn't plan on coming back to Harmony?

Why did Liz try to help Whitney if she wanted Eve to see her suffering?

If Sheridan wanted to leave, why did she take the time to fix her hair and change her clothes?

Why didn't Luis think to check the cottage sooner?

How did the bartender know what drink to give Whitney when she didn't say what she wanted?


How come Sheridan didn't mention other people that she loves that she was going to miss?

Why was Edna surprised that Beth wouldn't want her to be with her when she left?

Why would Eve take the time to get dressed up to go to the Blue Note? It wasn't as if Liz invited her there for a social visit.

What did Katherine expect to find in a coffin?

Why didn't Luis just say that Sheridan was a criminal? That would have stopped her from getting on the plane.


Why did everyone have to change their clothes when it was the same day?

Why did Tabitha want Sheridan to get Dottie to run the DNA test if she didn't want her to find out the results?

Why didn't the bartender warn Whitney about drinking the way he warned Theresa?

How come Tabitha was able to hear what Luis was thinking?

Why would Chad go to Ethan to help with his vendetta against Fox?

Why couldn't Sheridan call Dottie on the plane? Why did she have to get off and make Luis think that she did it for him?

How come the writers are rewriting how Ivy was never there for Fox? Now they are making it seem as if she was always there for him.


Why did Edna expect Beth to let her live with her when she moved out?

Why would Ethan tell Theresa that he loved her if he didn't want to be with her?

When did Ethan know that he was with Theresa the night she raped him? If he did, why did he call her Gwen?

How was Ned going to make sure that Fancy was buried in a trash bag when he would be dead?

Why would the killer in Vegas want the money if it was marked?

Why would Ned give the money to the orphanage if the casino could trace it?

How was giving the money away to charity going to keep the killer from going after Ned and Fancy? He didn't know they gave it away so he could have still killed them.

How did Fancy earn money that she stole?


How did Alistair know to have a henchman by the mausoleum?

Why did KMart stop the other from killing Alistair?

Why was it taking so long for Beth to kill Edna?

Why would Rebecca keep the stuff that would incriminate her and Gwen with the tabloid mess?

Why didn't Edna leave when she hit Beth with the gin bottle?

Why would Edna turn her back on Beth to pray? What if Beth got up and got her?

How could Sheridan kill Rachel if Rachel died before she was born?

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