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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

5/23/05 - 5/27/05


Why didn't Fancy tell the guard who she is if she wanted to go to the gambling party?

Why is Kay even bothering to reach out to Jessica since she's so rude to her?

Why did Luis think it was crazy of Edna to talk to herself when everyone talks to themselves?

Why was Sam on the pier talking to himself when he was supposed to get ice cream?

When Tabitha spilled her tea on Sheridan's skirt, it wasn't wet.

Why was Beth beating on Marty so hard?

Why did Sam and Luis's conversation have to turn into conversation about Sheridan?

Why did Kay clean up Jessica's mess with a dry towel?

If Sheridan thought that Dottie was thorough, why didn't she believe the DNA test?


Why was Pilar so shocked at the idea of Beth working for Alistair? Did she forget how Alistair was willing to help her?

Why didn't Sheridan know Dottie's number when she knew it before?

Why did Theresa expect Luis to side with Sheridan, but she expects Ethan to side with her over Gwen?

Why didn't Dottie notice how robotic Sheridan sounded on the phone?

Gwen criticized Theresa for trying to kidnap little Ethan as if she didn't kidnap Jane.

How come no one in Luis's family ever has his side whenever he fights with Sheridan?


Why was Tabitha only concerned with breaking up Shuis? What about the other people in Harmony?

Why didn't Theresa ask Pilar if Ethan could move in with them?

Why was Theresa acting as if Ethan and Gwen were trying to steal Jane from her? They were awarded custody of Jane so they deserved to have her.

Gwen was able to walk into Pilar's house without knocking.

Why would Pilar defend Theresa's actions when she attacked Gwen? There was no excuse for that attack.

Why was Luis so nasty to Katherine when she defended him to Sheridan?


Sheridan's hair was different.

Why was Sheridan surprised that Luis wasn't in her cottage right away? Did she forget that she practically pushed him away?

Why was Theresa celebrating that Ethan loved her when he only said that he had feelings for her?

Why does Theresa always have to rub it in when she thinks she's gotten what she wants?

Why didn't Dottie run the DNA test on Sheridan sooner? Then she would have known that Sheridan matched Marty too.


Why would Kay let Jessica stay in her room by herself? Of course she was going to escape again.

The sponge Kay used looked dry.

Why was Theresa yelling around Jane?

Why were Kay and Sam suddenly talking about Noah now that he's been casted?

Why was Theresa beating on Jane's back again?

Theresa allegedly forgave martin for leaving so why does she hate him?

Why did Sam want to call Noah all of a sudden?

How come Sam didn't know sooner that Noah wasn't at college? You would think that the school would have let him know that Noah hasn't been there.

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