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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

5/16/05 - 5/20/05


How was Ivy able to call Fancy when she was talking to Rebecca in court?

What made Sheridan think that Beth would tell her the truth about her son just because she wanted to know the truth?

Why wasn't Sheridan in court with Gwen when she told her that she would do anything to help her?

Why weren't Paloma and Martin in court with Theresa?

Why wasn't Jonathan at court with Gwen? His daughter could have been going to jail and he wasn't there for her.

If Edna was in a hurry to leave town, why would she take the time to change her clothes?

Why was Theresa surprised that Ethan helped Gwen when she was warned that he would help Gwen?

Did Theresa expect Eve to perjure herself on the stand?


Whitney's baby looked different again.

Why would the judge decide Jane's custody at the same time as Gwen's trial?

Why didn't Pilar fight for Eve harder when Theresa insulted her again?

Why didn't Ethan stop Theresa from yelling at Gwen, but he stopped Gwen from yelling at Theresa?

If Edna wanted Beth to hurry up and tell Luis the truth, why didn't she tell it herself?

How did Gwen steal Ethan from Theresa when Gwen had him first?


How come it's okay for Theresa to attack people, but she's not supposed to be attacked?

How come Luis needed Sheridan to prove that Beth was working with Alistair, but he didn't make Beth prove that she was innocent?

Why was Pilar disappointed in Ethan for taking Jane from Theresa she knew he was going to take her?

Why wouldn't Gwen press charges against Theresa when Theresa didn't hesitate to press charges against her?

Why didn't Rebecca press charges against Theresa when she attacked her?

How does Theresa think Gwen won't get Jane when the court awarded Gwen custody of Jane?

How come Theresa didn't care about Gwen being set free once the charges were dropped against her?


Why was Ned so nasty to Fancy when he kissed her last night?

Why was Kay trying to defend why Grace left her family?

Why were Sam and Kay acting as if Grace just left them?

If Kay was concerned about Grace coming home, why couldn't she tell Sam the truth about David?

Theresa claimed that she would kill Gwen and Rebecca before she lets them take her children. How was she going to be with them if she did that?

Why is Sheridan always ready to break up with Luis whenever something doesn't go her way?

Where was Maria while Kay was with Sam? Tabitha wasn't with her so who was watching her?

Why is Ethan staying with Gwen if he loves Theresa so much?


Why was it Luis's business that Beth had a lot of expensive stuff at her house?

How come Luis believed Beth when she said Edna was crazy? Edna said she wasn't crazy and Beth had no proof that she was so why believe Beth?

If Sheridan didn't want to bore Tabitha with her problems, why didn't she leave?

Why did Julian look so young in Sheridan's flashback of him taking her trick-or-treating?

How did Kay help Grace change Jessica's diapers when she's only a year older?

It was nighttime in Vegas when everyone in Harmony were having the same conversation.

Michele and Cheryl

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