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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



How did Theresa know where to find Whitney?

Why wasn't there a warning sign by the railing if it was broken?

Why didn't Whitney notice how weak the railing was when she was pounding on it?

Why wouldn't Sheridan tell another cop about her suspicious about Beth?

Why did Ethan go to the Blue Note when he was supposed to be working on the contracts?

If Sheridan didn't want to run into anyone she knew at the Blue Note, why didn't she go home?

How come Beth and Alistair saw Shuis at the Blue Note, but they didn't see them?


When did TC and Liz change their clothes?

How does Chad think adopting the baby will make him closer to Whitney? She doesn't want anything to do with the baby.

Why would Tabitha want Luis to believe Sheridan when she wants to break them up?

If Ethan didn't want to talk about taking custody of Jane, why did he go to the Blue Note?

If Sheridan thought that Beth loved Luis, why didn't she mention it sooner?


Fox didn't hear Whitney confess to Chad being her baby's father when she screamed it.

Why did Sheridan think that Luis supposedly loved her when he forgets about everything and everyone in order to be with her?

Why did Luis say that Ethan looked for proof because he's a lawyer? Shouldn't cops do the same thing?

Why would angels help Edna when she's a liar?

Why did Ivy mention the tabloid as a reason for Ethan to hate Theresa? Why not mention the rape?

When the wind blew in Edna's house, the candles were still lit.

When Beth and Sheridan were fighting, you could clearly see the stunt doubles.

Why did Ethan kiss Theresa if he thought she was a monster?


Why did Ivy call herself Jessica's stepmother when she's not married to Sam?

When Rebecca saw Theresa and Ethan kissing, why did she blame Theresa and not Ethan?

Why would Theresa pass up the chance to raise her kids?

Why didn't Shuis notice Alistair watching them with Beth?

Sheridan and Beth didn't have bruises when they were fighting.

Whitney was able to hear her baby cry when Chad had his window down.


No one heard Ethan, Theresa, and Gwen arguing at the Blue Note.

Why would Sam tell Ivy to spend the night at his house when he wanted to kick her out?

When Edna was fighting Alistair's maid, you could tell it was a stunt double.

How was Edna able to fight off the maid when she needs a walker?

If Edna thought that being with Alistair was so great and memorable, why didn't she remember it sooner?

Why is it suddenly an issue that Ethan's paternity was revealed?

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