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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Why did Ivy have to change her clothes when she was at the house?

Since Jessica was in her pajamas, why did Ivy assume that she was going out?

Chad told Fox not to yell at Whitney, but he did it himself.

When did Sheridan get a picture of Marty?

Sheridan should have agreed to the DNA test if she wasn't going to believe it.


The scene with Sam, Jessica, and Spike was completely different from how it happened in Monday's episode.

How come Whitney's baby was out of the hospital so fast?

How did Fox know that Chad was holding "his" baby? He could have been holding anyone's baby.

Why didn't Sam notice how Jessica had bruises on her arm sooner?

Why didn't Luis question why Gwen was back in Harmony?

Whitney's baby wasn't a baby anymore. He was a doll.


If Chad adopting Whitney's baby was finalized hours ago, why didn't anyone tell TC/Liz and Evian when they tried to adopt him?

Sam is always willing to bend the rules when it concerns his family, but his hands are always tied when it concerns other people.

Why did TC say that Whitney's baby is his flesh and blood as if he's not related to Chad too?

If Eve is so disgusted by what Whitney did, then why didn't she tell Chad the truth?

If Edna wanted Beth to know the truth about Alistair, she could have told her before she left the house.

Luis was on the phone on the first floor at Beth's house, but he was upstairs with Sheridan in the very next scene.

The tattoo on Jessica's hip was different. It didn't have red around it before, but it did in this episode.


Why did Ethan use such a dull light when he was reading a book instead of the brighter light.

Why didn't Jessica flinch when Tabitha, Sam, Kay grabbed her arm? She flinched when Ivy touched her before.

Jessica's tattoo changed again. The redness that was around it was different.

Who told Whitney that the charges were dropped against Gwen?

Whitney didn't have a right to judge Theresa for what she's done when she is lying to Fox and Chad.


How did Chad think he was going to raise Whitney's baby in the studio?

Theresa knew how Ethan felt about her pressing charges against Gwen, but she thought she could still have a chance with him.

Why was the contract Theresa signed to get little Ethan back legal for her, but it wasn't for Gwen?

How come Ethan didn't see the paper that Rebecca put with the contract when he looked through it?

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