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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



When did Katherine decide to go back to Harmony? On Friday, she wasn't going back to Harmony.

How did Pilar get so many pictures of Antonio when he was gone for years?

When did Whitney's baby get better because he was so sick that Whitney had to tell who his father was to get help?

Theresa's children should have been enough for her so why did she have to scheme to get Ethan back?

How did Whitney get the picture of her son?

Why are TC/Liz and Julian/Eve keeping it a secret that they want to adopt Whitney's baby?

When did Theresa have time to get a new hairstyle and different clothes without getting caught?

If Sheridan had a friend that could help her with the DNA test, why didn't she go to her sooner?


It's still the same day that Whitney was released from the hospital so how were the 72 hours she had to decide whether she wanted her baby almost up?

Katherine forgot Julian again as a reason to go back to Harmony.

How did Theresa change her clothes when she didn't have any luggage with her?

Theresa didn't have her cane with her when she got back to Harmony.


Pilar slapped Katherine, but she never hit her face.

If Katherine didn't want to be back in Harmony, then why did she get back on the plane?

Why did Eve and Julian try to defend Whitney when she deserved to hear what Fox said to her?

Katherine didn't have any bruises on her arms before, but now she has them. She was able to touch herself and it didn't bother her, but Martin's touch did.


Why would Gwen seem so aggravated when Rebecca said that Theresa would be up to something? That shouldn't surprise her because Theresa is always plotting something.

Since Theresa doesn't care about what Ethan thinks, why is she trying so hard to get a break?

What right did TC have to keep Fox from raising his son? As far as he knows, he's the father so TC doesn't have a right to stop him from raising his child.

If Sheridan wanted to get the DNA results, then she should have stopped interrupting Dotty.


Why did Sam handcuff Gwen in the front and not the back?

Why didn't Ethan call Theresa to talk to her instead of going to her house?

How come Beth was able to hear Sheridan talking, but she didn't hear Beth talking?

Who was Whitney to say that Julian/Eve, TC/Liz, and Fox were unsuitable to raise her child considering what she did?

Sheridan's lipstick looked different from how it looked before.

Why did Ms. Wellesley call Whitney by her first name, but called Fox "Mr. Crane"?

Why didn't Ms. Wellesley tell Julian/Eve and TC/Liz that Whitney's baby was already adopted when they tried to adopt him?

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