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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Why would Kay want Jessica to be with someone like Miguel when he left town to find Charity?

Why was Jessica released from the hospital so soon?

The bruises on Jessica's face were darker than they were before.

Why was Theresa so against Whitney giving her baby up for adoption? At least the baby could be with someone who will love it.

Since Julian and Sheridan are not the same age, how were they able to play together during the summer?

How could Ivy be a good stepmother when she is not married to Sam?

How come no one ever puts shoes on Marty's feet?

When Sheridan saw Marty at the cottage, he had shoes on.


The razor Jessica used to cut herself had blood on it, but the blood wasn't on the sink when she put it down.

How did Fox have enough time to get a plane charted without anyone knowing it?

In Monday's episode, Beth screamed at the end and shattered glass, but she didn't do that in this one.

Why did Theresa need Ethan to push her wheelchair when she was able to do it by herself?

Jessica didn't bleed enough to be able to spell words with her blood.

The way "dead" looked on Jessica's mirror changed. There was more blood used for the word than there was when she wrote it.

Luis didn't take Sheridan's bear with him when he took Marty, but Sheridan had it with her at the cottage.


How did Alistair manage to get a camera in Pilar's house?

If Luis was around Marty more, then Beth wouldn't have been able to keep him from the cottage.

When did Sheridan find the picture that she had of Katherine?

The rag that Theresa was using on Whitney's head was dry.

Since Eve knows that Theresa has to use a wheelchair, why did she expect her to hurry up and give her the medical bag?


Since Whitney was starving her baby, she shouldn't have been surprised that something was wrong with him.

Chad didn't want to listen to Fox, Julian, Eve, and Ivy when they tried to tell him about being with Whitney. Now that Alistair thinks he should go after Whitney, he doesn't want to do it.

How come Alistair doesn't know about Fox's plan when he mentioned it in the Lopez-Fitzgeralds house. He knew that Whitney was in labor, but he didn't know that.

The knife Beth used in her fantasy to stab Sheridan didn't have any blood on it.

What medication did Theresa's doctor give her to reduce the swelling in her spine since she was breastfeeding? The steroid that she didn't want to take was supposed to work for that, but she couldn't take it because she wanted to breastfeed.

Luis took Marty out in a stroller, but he went back to the cottage without it.


Why did Whitney pray for her baby to die out loud? Someone could have heard her saying that.

If Jessica's room was supposed to be dark, how was Ivy able to see her clothes on the floor?

How come no one told TC that Whitney went into labor?

If Luis thinks that Marty looks like Sheridan, why won't he believe that she's telling the truth about him being her son?

If Edna wanted to tell the police about Alistair and Beth's plan, then she shouldn't have told them that she was going to call the police.

The nurse that was behind Eve and Theresa was gone.

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