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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Why would Chad want to break Foxney up just to live with Whitney?

Why did people have their jackets open when they were outside?

Who was watching Maria since Tabitha was outside with Endora?

Why wouldn't Pilar want Katherine and Gwen's plane to be found when her granddaughter was on that plane?

If Sheridan thinks that her son is alive, then why was she complaining about losing her son earlier?

Why did Father Lonigan tell Luis what Sheridan said when he's supposed to keep it confidential?

Why didn't Julian acknowledge Endora when Tabitha went to the Bennett house?

Theresa's shoes were different again.


Why did Sheridan have to go to Beth's house?  She could have told Luis that she didn't want him at the cottage.

Why was Pilar making excuses for Sheridan instead of defending Luis?

Why would Sheridan ask Beth for advice about Luis when she knew that Beth wanted to marry him herself?

Why was Pilar defending KMart considering what they did to her?

Why would Sheridan ask Beth what she should do about her problem if she was going to question her?


Why didn't Kay try to call Jessica's cell phone to try and find her?

Since Paloma was attacked the night before, why did Simone say she was attacked the other night?

Why didn't Pilar tell Theresa how the good and bad things happen for a reason?  Does that only apply to Luis?

When is Pilar going to give Theresa the forgiveness speech that she gave Luis?

Sheridan said that tea keeps her up so why did she drink it the first Beth gave it to her?

Sheridan's pocketbook kept appearing and disappearing at Beth's house.

Is there a shortage of women Randy's age in Harmony since Randy has to take advantage of Jessica?


How come Kay was able the yelling outside when she got milk, but she didn't hear it when she got ice cream earlier?

Why didn't Simone go outside to find out what was going on?

Why did Simone tell TC what happened when she knows how he would have reacted?

How did Katherine manage to miss Julian and Ivy's wedding when she was only gone for 20 years?  There's no way that Ethan is under 20.

Kay has a daughter so why would she say that she would hate to be a kid in Harmony?  She has a child that lives in a broken home so she shouldn't really talk.

How many times is Pilar going to ask Martin to tell her the truth?

Jessica was supposed to hit her head on a light pole, but she never hit her head on it.


How many times is Edna going to complain about Beth before she tells on her?

Since Kay had a vision of Jessica being dead, why didn't she look for her sooner?

The cup that Martin was drinking out of kept changing positions on Sam's desk.

How come Jessica's feet weren't cold when she was walking in the snow without any shoes on?

Whitney was starting to show when she wasn't showing before.

The blood on Jessica's face changed.

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