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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



How did Theresa get in her coat when she's paralyzed?  It is a long coat and she would have to stand up in order for it to be straight.

Why was Theresa wearing heels?  Those shouldn't be good for her back.

Why would Edna tell Beth that Sheridan is going to prove that Marty is her son?  She obviously wanted Beth to do something to Sheridan or she wouldn't have told her.

As loud as Beth and Edna were talking about Beth killing Sheridan, Shuis didn't hear them.

Since Sheridan was suspicious of Beth, why would she drink anything that Beth gave her?

How did Beth have a backup cup of tea when she only put the sleeping pill in one cup?

Why didn't Fox, Ivy, and Julian hear Eve and Whitney yelling in the kitchen when Eve told Whitney she was starving the baby?

When Katherine was looking for forgiveness, she forgot to mention Julian?


Where did Katherine get adult pictures of Julian and Sheridan?

Why did Chad act as if it was okay that he still loves Whitney?

When did Katherine have time to write Martin a note?

Why did Julian have to tell Whitney that he knew Chad was the father of her baby?

Chad made it seem as if he and Valerie had sex more than once.

How did Martin know Sheridan's cellphone number?

Why didn't Katherine leave a note for Sheridan and Julian?

When did Fox have time to decorate the backyard?

How did Sheridan get Martin's number?

How did Sheridan get to the airport at the same time as Luis?


Jane/Ashley had a hat on her head when she didn't have one on yesterday.

The baby kept changing within the scene.

Fox told Chad about answering for Whitney as if he wasn't doing the same thing.

What was the sense of attacking Rebecca?  The only thing that was going to do was guarantee that she wouldn't find the baby.

Why would Gwen leave the knife laying around so Katherine could take it?

Theresa's shoes were different.  She had on heels earlier this week but they changed to flats.


Jessica's room looked like Theresa's old room.

Sheridan said that no one understood, besides Katherine, to lose a child.  What about Gwen, Theresa, and Luis?

Why didn't Jessica noticed all of the noise that was going on in the kitchen?

How come Alistair heard Shuis talking but Martin and Pilar didn't hear them right away?

Why didn't Jessica notice how her date wasn't drinking any beer?


Why didn't Kay and Simone know what was going on in the kitchen?

Why would Paloma go back to the club where she was almost raped?

Why would Paloma go to a club when he niece was missing?

The airport looked a lot like the hospital.

How come Paloma wasn't hurt anymore?  The last time she was shown, she could barely walk.

Theresa acted as if the war between her and Gwen started when Gwen and Rebecca took little Ethan from her.  Hello, it started five years ago when she tried to take Ethan away from Gwen.

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