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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



How late was it if everyone was able to go out?

It was suddenly Valentine's Day when no one has mentioned it being Valentine's Day earlier.

Sheridan's hair was a different style from Friday.

Gwen's clothes were different in her mug shot.

Why would Martin take the time to celebrate Valentine's Day when his granddaughter is missing?

How come Sheridan suddenly realized that Marty looks like her?

Fox kept cutting Whitney off when he wanted to know the truth about the baby.

Liz didn't have a scar on her neck from when Eve tried to save her life.

Luis was supposed to be looking for Jane but he wanted to have a romantic evening with Sheridan.


Why would Tabitha show Endora what Alistair was doing with Tina?

Where did Rebecca get her change of clothes?

Gwen's scar was gone from her head.

If Gwen didn't have any money, how was she able to go to the store?

Why would Pilar make coffee for Martin when she didn't want him around?

Why would Theresa expect Rebecca to help her find Gwen?

Ethan used his cellphone when he was near a phone in the Lopez-Fitzgerald house.

Why didn't Katherine have her bags ready when she went to see Alistair?  She knew Alistair was going to help her so she could have been ready.


Theresa and Ethan's clothes were different.

How was Theresa able to change her clothes when Pilar was in the kitchen?

Pilar was making excuses for why Martin left her.

When Beth threatened Edna, she left Marty by himself.

Why did Ethan think that Rebecca was Gwen?  They sound nothing alike.

Luis will never know the real reason Martin left because he's always cutting him off.

Fox always hears the tail end of a conversation.


If Ivy knew about the baby being kidnapped, why isn't she looking for her sooner?

Everyone was having the same conversation, but it was suddenly nighttime.

Why didn't Ethan search the cabin if he thought Gwen was there?

How come Luis/Sheridan/Katherine didn't smell Alistair cigar outside when he was listening to their conversation?

Why was Sheridan defending Katherine, but blaming Martin for why KMart left?

How come Ethan couldn't call out from his cellphone when he was able to call Rebecca?

How did Ethan get to the cabin when Gwen had his car?

Why was Ethan so quick to sell Gwen out?

Why would Sheridan want to sleep with the bear that Katherine gave her after the way she spoke to Luis?


Theresa's baby keeps getting bigger and smaller.

Why would someone do a website about committing the perfect murder?

Why was Rebecca speeding when she was trying to get Gwen away?  She should know that the police would be after her.

If Sheridan was supposed to be dead in Beth's fantasy, how come her pulse was beating?

Since when did Martin want to stay in Harmony?

Rebecca had a fur coat on when she didn't have it before.

Katherine was standing outside with only a shawl on.

Luis should have seen what was on Beth's computer before she turned it because he was faced in the direction of the computer.

Why did Beth have "Mrs. Wallace" on the website she was searching?  Why didn't she put Edna on the site?

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