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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



If Gwen can use formula for the baby, why did Theresa need breast milk?

Ethan cared more about Theresa's feelings than he did Gwen's.

Sheridan made Theresa's baby being kidnapped her moment.

The tears on Theresa's face changed within a scene.

Eve didn't tell Theresa about all the screaming she did.

If Chad was concerned with Theresa, why did he only care about Whitney's feelings?

Katherine told Paloma that the doctor said she had to get some sleep.  The problem was, she referred to the doctor as "he".  Eve was the one who told Paloma that.

Where did Gwen get the money to pay for her groceries?

If Chad is Ethan's best friend, why was he by Whitney and not him?

If Sheridan feels the pain of losing her child, why didn't she mention it earlier?


Sheridan didn't  need to wear a smock when she was holding the baby. She could have had germs on her.

Why didn't Gwen hear the Amber Alert about the baby?

Where did Paloma get her clothes?

Why did Paloma have the bandage off her head?

The announcer said that Jane was Caucasian.  She is also Hispanic.

How come there was a picture of Ethan and Theresa at the cabin?

There was dirt on Beth's steps.

When did Ethan and Theresa take a picture with Jane?


How did Katherine know to be in Alistair's secret room?

Beth opened the same envelope twice.

The envelope Beth had kept changing.

It doesn't make sense for Luis to call Alistair an old man when he doesn't look much older than Martin.

If Paloma thought that Alistair wasn't a nice man, why did she believe what he said about her family?

Gwen didn't have a cut on her hand from when she cut herself.

Why didn't Pilar walk Whitney out when she left?

Why did Edna and Beth leave Sheridan downstairs by herself?


Luis spend too much time talking about his own baby instead of Theresa's.

How long was Whitney going to stand there while Chad was with Valerie?

Why would Whitney picture being with Chad when she knows he's her brother?

Why does Luis keep saying how Sheridan's baby is hers?

If Fox had those thoughts about the baby not being his, why didn't he ask Whitney if he's the father?

Whitney's scarf was in a different position when Chad saw it.

Why couldn't Fox talk to Ivy about his problems?


Why does everyone keep asking if Luis or Sam found out anything about the baby?  If they did, they would have said something.

Why would Pilar give Martin coffee if she hated him?

Why did Theresa throw Martin out when she wanted Martin to help him?

Why did the Lopez-Fitzgeralds blame Martin for Theresa falling out the chair?  She was the one who fell on her own.

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