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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Paloma's face was more bruised when she was at the hospital.

Why did Theresa expect Ethan to stay with her instead of Gwen?

Rebecca had a lot of nerve expecting Eve to help Gwen considering that she's framing her for Liz's attempted murder.

Eve didn't have gloves on when she was fixing Gwen's wrists.

Rebecca didn't have her pocketbook with her when she was at the hospital.

The police officer and Rebecca left Gwen alone at the hospital.


How did Alistair know what happened to Paloma when he's been at the Crane mansion?

The nurse didn't try telling Theresa about Paloma.

Ethan yelled at Rebecca for not being at the jail with Gwen as if he were with her.

What took Gwen so long to stab Theresa?

Why didn't anyone hear Theresa screaming at the hospital?

How come Pilar didn't have a feeling that Paloma and Theresa were in danger?

The blood on Gwen's pants kept changing.

How did Luis's phone get on Sheridan's couch when he put it in his pocket?


The blood on Gwen's pants was different again.

How did Pilar know that Theresa was released from the hospital?

If Pilar knew that Theresa was out of the hospital, why wasn't she there to pick her up?

Why was Theresa able to move her legs when she crawled away from Gwen?

How did Father Lonigan know that Martin was at the hospital?

Why didn't anyone tell Pilar about Gwen going after Theresa?

Why didn't Sheridan blame Katherine for why Martin left?

How did Father Lonigan know that Gwen tried to kill herself?

Why would the nurse leave the baby near Gwen?


Why didn't Kay, Simone, and Jessica go see Paloma if they felt bad for her?

Why do the employees at the hospital leave scalpels lying around for anyone to take?

How did Whitney know to find Eve in her office?

Why would Whitney keep the baby if she thought it was a freak?

The scar on Gwen's head was longer and darker.

Why did Paloma accept Luis, but reject Pilar?


Why did Kay spend the night at the Bennett house?  Why didn't she go back to Tabitha's house?

Theresa was screaming in the hospital, but no one said anything.

Theresa was alright to choke Rebecca, but it was wrong for Gwen to try to kill her.

Why couldn't Ethan look for Gwen first before telling Sam?

Why didn't Sam tell the Lopez-Fitzgeralds about Jane?

There was no state on the license plate of Ethan's car.

If the Cranes never go to the cabin, how did they know to keep it stocked?

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