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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Ethan did not have time to build a ramp for Theresa.

Why is Theresa is always so rough with the baby?

Why didn't Sheridan have a pulse when Katherine checked on her?  There appeared to be nothing wrong with her when Katherine saw her.

How was Theresa going to get around the house if Ethan took the ramp away?

Little Ethan didn't have a coat on when he went outside.

If Pilar wanted to hear Martin's excuse for leaving, why didn't she stay and listen?

Martin didn't tell Father Lonigan on camera why he left Harmony.

Why didn't Father Lonigan want Martin to tell Theresa or Paloma why he left?  He only wanted him to tell Pilar and Luis.


When did Jessica move back in with Sam?

If it's winter time, why were Paloma and Jessica dressed the way they were?

Luis would know what Martin's secret was if he didn't keep interrupting him when he tried to tell Pilar the truth.

When did Jessica stop selling Mark?

Why would Kay and Simone go out with Paloma again after what happened to them the last time they went out with her?

How come Ivy wants Sam to look out for Jessica?

If Eve's case was in the paper, why didn't Ivy know before Sam told her?

Why would Gwen's psychiatrist call Sheridan?

Kay and Simone went out to talk about their problems?

Tabitha didn't have hats on Endora and Maria's heads.


Why was Ethan happy about a baby that was conceived out of rape?

Why did Pilar say that Julian was much older when Katherine left if Katherine said he was a teen?

Why does everyone have to turn into tramps when things don't go their way? (i.e. Jessica and Paloma)

Why would Pilar have a handicapped accessible shower when no one was handicapped before Theresa?

Theresa was able to get in her robe without Ethan's help.


Theresa's baby is big for a baby that's supposed to be tiny.

Who put Theresa's baby's medicine up too high for her to reach it?

Why didn't Theresa call Whitney to take her to the hospital?

The dirt on Sheridan's hands kept changing.

Why did Sheridan think that she killed Katherine when it was Martin she thought she killed?

How did Theresa wake little Ethan up?

How come there's always a pool of blood behind someone's head when they hit it?


If Ivy was afraid Sam was still upset with her about Jessica, why did she bring it up?

How come Eve was able to get out on bail, but Gwen wasn't?  She's accused of trying to kill 3 people so she's the one who should have been denied bail.

Why did Sheridan think that she stabbed Katherine in her side when she stabbed her in the back?

Eve didn't have the dress she had on when she got arrested.

How did Eve know that Rebecca was in the church's basement when she had her back to her?

Sheridan's hands were clean when they were dirty earlier.

The blood on Gwen's arm was already there before she finished cutting her arm.

How was Eve going to help Gwen when she didn't have her medical bag?

Why was Jessica in trouble for smoking when she should be old enough to smoke?

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