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Passions Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Theresa dropped her leg on the bed by herself.  If Theresa was paralyzed, how did she do that?

Why wasn't Rebecca worried about Gwen anymore?

Theresa's feet were moving.

Liz said that it was 2005.  It's still the same night as Shuis's wedding so it should have been 2004

Why did the doctor make Theresa think that she would be paralyzed?

Why was Sarah so much older than the twins in Gwen's fantasy?

Chad and Fox were able to believe Eve, yet TC, Whitney, and Simone didn't.

Theresa was willing to press charges against Gwen when she thought she lost Ethan.


Why did Theresa complain about not being able to do anything physical with her kids when she wasn't doing them before she lost little Ethan?

Why were the guards to insensitive towards Gwen?

Why did the doctor let Theresa yell in the hospital?

Why was Liz out of the hospital?

Simone changed her mind about Eve being a killer when she got to the police station.

Sheridan's teddy bear looked new after all of these years.

The food on the tray that the cop gave Gwen spilled on the floor, but when Ethan went to see her, the food was gone.

How come Eve was near cellmates, but Gwen wasn't?


In Theresa's fantasy, the baby was around the same age as little Ethan.

If Luis knew about Theresa, why wasn't he at the hospital?

Who reported the story about Katherine and Shuis?

Gwen had fantasies of having twins.  If Sara was alive, the twins wouldn't be here.

Little Ethan wasn't in Gwen's fantasy.

Who put Theresa's hair in a ponytail?

When did Martin get a lawyer?

Katherine had a picture of Sheridan as an adult.

What happened to the doctor who was going to operate on Theresa?

Theresa's baby was smaller again.

Why didn't Rebecca confess to the guard that she framed Eve?


Theresa's baby was bigger again.

How was Theresa able to nurse the baby when her gown was closed?

How was Theresa able to nurse the baby if her back was hurting?

If Sheridan knew about Gwen, why didn't she visit her last night?

Theresa didn't have any milk on her shoulder when the baby burped.

Why wasn't Eve charged with Julian's attempted murder years ago?

If the press mentioned Katherine's reappearance, why didn't Julian know about Katherine?


Luis and Pilar didn't hear Theresa yelling, but they heard her fall out of the bed.

Why did Sheridan compare losing her child to Gwen losing hers?  Sheridan can have more kids and Gwen can't.  The situations are not the same.

Theresa moved her legs when Ethan put her back on the bed.

Sheridan's hair was different.

Why did the doctor assume that Theresa would have gotten better over night?

Rebecca made a big deal about confessing to Eve just to chicken out.

Michele and Cheryl

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