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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



If Eve wasn't a coward as she said to Liz, why did she keep her past a secret for so long?  She could have told the truth sooner.

Miguel knew that Kay loved him but he suddenly had to question it.

Why would Chad make Fox his best man when he was friends with Ethan first?

Now that Simone is on the show, she is in the pictures.

How did Eve's medical bag get upstairs when it was in the kitchen?  TC just destroyed it on Friday.

Luis mentioned to Martin the terrible things that the Cranes did to people as if Sheridan wasn't in the car.


Once again Chad forgot about Ethan.  He told Fox that he and Theresa were their biggest supporters.  He forgot that Ethan wanted them together too.

The window that Julian was standing by at the Russell house was open wider than it was before.

How come the newspaper had an old picture of Julian? Don't they have a recent picture of him?

Why weren't Kay and Theresa hooked up to monitors anymore?

What happened to little Ethan?  He was visiting Theresa and now he's gone.

Ethan and Gwen weren't at the hospital anymore either.

Why was Theresa wearing her actual clothes instead of a hospital gown?  She must be admitted so why wasn't she wearing a gown?


Why was Theresa suddenly pushing for Whitney and Fox to be together when she wanted Whitney to be with Chad?

Why was Alistair's hit man able to hear Sheridan and Luis talking, but they couldn't hear him talking?

How did Luis know who Maria was if they never met?

If Maria is so busted up about Pilar, then why didn't she go to Harmony?

Who was the aunt that went to Harmony for Theresa's wedding if Maria hasn't met Pilar's children?

How come no one smelled the hit man's cigarette at the hotel?

When has Luis been spending any time with little Martin?  He also wasn't the one who named him, but she said he did it for Pilar.


Sheridan and Luis kept switching sides while they were walking in Puerto Arena.

How come Sam doesn't have any pictures of Noah and Maria, but he had a picture of Miguel?

How come Fox was able to see Julian and TC fighting at the Russell house while he was driving?

Why didn't Irma knew who Julian was at the home?  She acted as if she didn't know who he was then, but she knew who he was when she saw his picture.

How did Jessica know that Miguel went after Charity?  It's not as if she went to the hospital when he told Kay he was leaving.

Why were Luis and Sheridan walking around Puerto Arena so carelessly when they know that Alistair knows where they are.

When the show started, Julian was in his 20s when Katherine left, but now he was in his teens.

TC flubbed his line.  He called Eve a drug and an addict instead of a drug addict.

There was a discrepancy.  TC said that he and Eve were married for 20 years.  That is impossible because that means that Whitney would be under 20.  That's wrong because Kay said a little while ago how she's barely 21, but she's younger than Whitney.


When did Theresa get a hospital gown?

Why did the maid at the Crane mansion call Ethan "Mr. Crane."  He didn't even correct her.

How did Theresa know that Luis went to get Paloma?  She wasn't around when he decided to go.

Michele and Cheryl

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