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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Why didn't anyone stop Kay from using her cell phone in the hospital?

An orderly walked by Kay, but he didn't notice how she wasn't in a wheelchair and that she was using her cell phone.

Why didn't anyone at the hospital beep Eve when Pilar relapsed?  They know that she's her patient.

Why didn't Charity question why Tabitha was upstairs in the Bennett house?  No one let her in so she shouldn't have walked in the house like that.

Charity didn't ask Tabitha about all of the images that she saw of everything that happened in the past.

One of the images that Charity saw of the past was one with Deanna Wright as Kay.  It should have been Heidi.

TC called Sheridan "Sheritan" again.  The man needs to learn how to say her name.


The blood that was on Kay's gown was different from how it looked in Monday's episode.

Kay was praying to God for help before when she has been working with the dark side.

Tabitha's powers always seem to get stronger considering she always complains about losing her powers.

What type of website is whmm?  We've never heard of that.

Martin's back wasn't bleeding that much in the fantasy, but when his body was covered with the sheet, there was so much blood coming through the sheet.

How did Fox get his shorts?  He didn't bring anything with him to the Seacliff Inn because he didn't plan on staying there.

How come anytime people visit someone in the hospital, they never have a pass with them?

When did Sheridan take her shoes off at the hospital?  She had her shoes on all the time that she was on the bed in the doctor's lounge.

Luis knew that Sheridan was having nightmares about what happened to her so why would he want her to go back to sleep?

Who was watching Maria and Endora while Tabitha was in the hospital?


How did Sam know about Liz's past with Antonio?

Why did Sam want to offer his condolences to Liz instead of Pilar?  She's the one who lost her son.

Why weren't there any doctors going into the lounge? Don't they need to get some rest too?

How did Miguel know to find Sheridan and Luis in the lounge?  They were in there before he went back to the hospital.


Why was Jessica on the phone talking about Mark products instead of visiting Kay at the hospital?

Why did the Bennetts have a headshot of Miguel at their house?  It's not as if he is family.

Eve told Julian that she was going to check on Pilar's condition.  All she did was type on the computer.  She could have checked on her instead of using the computer.

Whenever Sheridan is talking to Luis, she blames herself for everything that happened to his family, but she blames Alistair whenever she is arguing with him.

Luis told Miguel to call Paloma and tell her about Pilar, but he didn't mention Theresa or his aunt Maria at all.


Pilar's monitor was flat lining when she was still alive.  The nurse reset the monitor, but she was still flat lining.

Paloma didn't have a scar from when she was grazed with a bullet.

Alistair's cigar did not have any smoke coming from it, but it was lit.

Why didn't Ethan and Gwen ever see Pilar?  They said that they were going to see her, but they never went to see her.

Paloma heard the phone ringing outside of her room, but she didn't hear Katherine and Martin yelling outside her room.

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