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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:

7/5 - 7/9


The sedative that the nurse gave Irma must not have lasted long since she was calling Eve names so fast.

Whitney and Theresa switched sides on the couch from last Wednesday's episode.  Theresa was on the left side and Whitney was on the right when Theresa was telling Whitney about Fox's feelings for her.

Pilar had blood coming out of her nose, ears, and mouth in this episode, but she wasn't bleeding like that last Wednesday.

Why didn't TC hear Liz and Eve yelling in the living room?

Irma told Eve about her filthy mouth, but she calls Eve a whore every time she hears her name.

The blood that was on Pilar's face was different from how it was earlier in the episode.

Why didn't Julian recognize the car that Alistair was in that hit the private investigator?


It's the same day when Gwen went to the hospital, but her hair is a lot shorter.

Why would Sam go out when his daughter was in the hospital?

How did Julian know to show up at the Russell house when he did?

Gwen is suddenly so worried about Theresa coming between Ethan and her.

If Eve wanted to tell TC the truth, she didn't have to tell Liz about it.  She could have just did it.

Julian was able to hear what was going on in the Russell house, and he was outside, but TC couldn't hear anything and he was in the house.


Chad managed not to see the look on Theresa's face when he was talking about the woman Fox loves.

What window at the Russell house was Julian looking in when the windows in the kitchen were closed while Eve and TC were talking?

Since TC is a coach and not security, why did he have to go to the school when Julian lied to him?

Julian wasn't standing by the same window that he was standing by when the show started.  First he was standing by the window that was in the center, but the next time he was shown, he was by the window that was near the door.

Julian didn't sound any different when he called TC so TC should have recognized his voice.

If the club that was in Eve's flashback the Blue Note, then why does it look so different?

If Irma is so religious, why is she so unforgiving?


Who told Miguel that Pilar was in the hospital?

Miguel and Charity managed to be at the hospital at the same time.

Kay wanted Charity to kill her with a butter knife.

Who lit the fireplace in Chad and Whitney's room?

Who was watching little Ethan while Gwen and Ethan were out?


Is the school that TC works at in another country?  It took him so long to get back to the house.

Kay's monitor wasn't turned on while she was in the hospital.

Why weren't there too many doctors or nurses walking around the halls in the hospital?

Why was Katherine acting as if she saw Marin's scar for the first time? She should have seen it before.

Michele and Cheryl

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