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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Was Fox trying to rub it in to Whitney how Chad was with Valerie?

Everyone at the skating rink was outside, but no one had smoke coming out of their mouths.

Since Julian isn't family, why was Eve telling him about Theresa/Gwen's baby?

Chad and Valerie and Foxney were supposed to have lunch, but it was nighttime.

Why didn't the guard go into Alistair's room when his monitor went off?

If Theresa thought that Ivy had something to do with David showing up in Harmony, why didn't she look into it sooner?


Why were Simone and Jessica at Tabitha's house when they were at the pond?

Why was Jessica at Tabitha's house when she said that her house was too creepy?

When did Gwen cut her hair?

Why didn't Beth or Edna put a hat on Marty's head?

When did Sheridan have time to change her hair again?

Why couldn't Miguel come home to visit Maria for Christmas?

If it was so cold outside, how come they were wearing such little coats?


If Gwen could go to the bridal shower, then she could have helped with the wedding.

Since Shuis just decided to get married, when did Gwen have time to mail out invitations?

Sheridan had another hairstyle again. 

Sheridan thought that Julian was going to start trouble at the police station, but he was the one who made sure that Antonio was declared dead.

Why did Paloma go to Sheridan's bridal shower when she doesn't even like Luis?

Luis shouldn't be working on Alistair's case since he's a suspect.


The writers changed little Ethan this week.  Now the other little Ethan is back.

The boy that is back as little Ethan likes Gwen, but his replacement didn't seem to like her. Now that he's back on the show, he likes Gwen again.

How come Beth was able to figure out that Katherine's alive, but she couldn't figure out who she is?

Simone wanted to get along with Eve before, but she gave her the cold shoulder when she saw Eve at the courthouse.

There was snow on the ground, but Pilar was wearing high heels.


Chad had a present for Whitney, but he didn't have it with him before.

Since Katherine has short hair, anyone could have seen the birthmark that she has behind her neck.

Little Ethan seems happier with Gwen than he does with Theresa.

Most of the women were wearing shoes in the snow.

If Julian is such a changed man, how come he didn't send Endora any presents? He also didn't give little Ethan any gifts either.  He claimed that he wanted to be a better father, but you would never know that.

Where did Theresa get the wig and beard from when she took the Santa costume?  He wasn't wearing a wig or a beard when she saw him.

It was still snowing outside, but you would never know that because everyone who went into places from outside didn't have any snow on them.

Who had Marty when the service was over at the church?  Beth didn't have him and Luis, Pilar, and Sheridan didn't have him either. Beth had him with her when she went to the church, but he was gone by the time the service was over.

Why wouldn't Katherine get her birthmark removed when she had the surgery?

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