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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Pilar blamed Katherine for Theresa going into premature labor when Paloma was the reason as well as Theresa.

Pilar said that Theresa could have lost "her" baby when she knows that the baby could be Gwen's baby.

What made Julian think that Alistair would tell him what his secret was before he was ready to tell it?

What happened to Eve if she was supposed to check on Theresa?

When did Luis have time to get his surprise ready for Sheridan?

Theresa was wearing a hospital gown on Friday, but in this episode, she was wearing pants and a shirt.

Why didn't Ethan make sure that the papers for the baby were filed sooner?

Theresa had a tear coming out of her right eye, but the very next time the camera was on her again, the tear was gone and her face was completely dry.

The glass that Sheridan dropped wasn't broke anymore when Luis but it in the bucket.


Ethan knows that Theresa plans on keeping the baby, but he still defended her.

Eve listened to Theresa when she didn't want to be drugged, but she drugged Gwen.

Theresa wasn't wearing a hair net on her head when she was with the baby.

Why would Theresa fantasize about being with Ethan at the mansion when they won't be living there when the truth comes out?


How did Sam and Ivy know where to find Ethan and Gwen? They could have been anywhere in the hospital.

If Eve wanted to help Gwen, then she could tell Theresa that the baby was Gwen's and not Theresa's baby.

Why did Ethan feel that he had to be forced to file the papers into the courthouse?

Luis didn't even ask Eve about Theresa right away.  He waited until Sheridan asked about Gwen to ask about her.


Katherine should have slit Alistair's throat instead of talking to him if she wanted to kill him.

TC said that Eve left him to be with Julian, but he threw her out of the house.

It's not Alistair's fault that Chad slept with Whitney, but everyone kept mentioning how he gave Chad money.

No one wanted to go to Alistair's party, but everyone suddenly wanted to go to it.


Theresa still wasn't wearing a hair net in NICU.

The baby was faced differently in this episode from the way she was earlier in the week.

Why did Tabitha call Katherine "Mrs. Wheeler" when she knows that she's Katherine?

Why did someone at Alistair's party try to kill him when they all wanted to know what he wanted them to go to the party for?

Why didn't Sheridan recognize herself in the portrait?  Katherine looked at it and knew it was her and Sheridan in it.

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