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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



How was Paloma able to get in the bar when she's under 21?

It's the same night, but Fox's hair is fuller than it was before.

The bartender let Paloma dance on the pool table. That is unbelievable.

Julian was willing to treat Fox like dirt for Chad and he doesn't want to forgive him.

Whitney blamed Eve for what she was doing to Fox as if it was her fault.  Eve didn't make her decide to pass her baby off as Fox's baby.

Since Ethan's is supposed to be Chad's friend, why did he have to wait for Whitney to ask him to check on Chad?


Kay and Simone were so appalled by Paloma dancing on the pool table, but neither of them tried to stop her.

Whitney was wearing the gray dress at the mansion, but somehow she managed to find a bathing suit to wear when she saw Fox again.

Why are Gwen and Ethan paying for Theresa's medical expenses when she stole their embryo?

No one approached Chad or Simone about Eve's past.

No one at the bar stopped the fight that was going on between the guys that wanted to dance with Paloma.


The last time we saw Shuis, Sheridan was in her gown and she was sleepwalking.  Now she and Luis are dressed in different clothes and they were talking about their trip as if they just got back from it.

Eve is still married, but she has no problem sleeping with Julian.

Ethan knows what Theresa did to him, but he still expected Gwen to trust her.

Pilar saw Paloma in the hall at the mansion, but she managed not to see Paloma's dress.

It's late, but Luis suddenly wanted to go see Martin.  He could have been asleep and he wanted to wake him up.

Chad and Fox's stunt doubles during their fight were very obvious. Their hair was completely different from Chad and Fox's hair.


Julian said that the mansion is his house, but he forgets that that is Alistair's mansion.

Pilar said that Alistair took the family's homes and jobs, but Rebecca did that to them.

Since Whitney forgave Chad for not telling her about LaToya, she had no right to throw it up in his face.

The cup that Whitney knocked out of Fox's hand was gone no one went into the pool house to clean up the lemonade.

Little Martin has blonde hair, but no one noticed it.

Beth said she wanted to put little Martin to bed, but she sat down on the couch.

When Beth sat down with little Martin, she sat towards the end of the couch, but when she was shown again, she was sitting towards the middle of the couch.


Katherine managed to get a haircut during this same night.

Speaking of Katherine, she and Martin changed their clothes for some reason.

Gwen said that an ambulance was on the way for Theresa, but no one called for one.

How did Sheridan know that Gwen was having twins?

Whitney took the time to put her gray dress back on before she went to see Theresa.

Who posted Katherine's bail?

Sam said that he would have to arrest Katherine if Alistair wanted to press charges, but suddenly Sam said that his hands were tied when Alistair wanted her to go to jail.

Whitney managed to change her clothes again. When did she have time to put on another outfit when she went to the hospital to be with Theresa?

Alistair's nurse was using a cell phone in Alistair's room.

Chad was also wearing different clothes while he was at the hospital.

Michele and Cheryl

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