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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Why did Theresa change her tune when she told Fox to go after Whitney?  She wanted him to do it, but then she said not to rush.

Julian saw Katherine from behind and immediately assumed that she was his mother, but Pilar looked in her face and couldn't recognize her.

Speaking of Julian, how did he know to assume that Katherine was his mother when her hair is a different color?

Why was Eve telling Katherine about Pilar's condition?  As far as Eve knew, Katherine is a stranger.

When Martin opened the door to Alistair's library, he pushed the door open, but when the door was open he had his hand on the doorknob.  He didn't open the door by turning the knob.  He pushed it open.

Martin's gun changed when Katherine took it from him.


Why did Theresa expect Whitney to move on from Chad so fast? They just found out that they were related and she expected her to find someone else right away.

The woman that called for Theresa called her Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald, but she is not married.

The rag that Paloma gave Martin for Pilar was supposed to be wet, but it looked dry.

Theresa took the time to go see Chad, but she didn't go see Paloma.

Did Alistair get plastic surgery too?  He doesn't look old enough to be Julian's father.

Since Pilar wasn't waking up right away, why didn't Martin go to the mansion to get Eve.


Since Luis doesn't have a job, it's amazing how he was able to keep surprising Sheridan.

If Fox is Whitney's friend, why would she be so willing to use him?

Martin said that he couldn't find Pilar's pulse, but she looked like she was breathing.

How cheap are the writers since the room that Shuis was in looked like her cottage.

Alistair didn't feel the gun in Katherine's pocket and he was close enough to choke her.

Paloma said that she, the Wheelers, and Shuis were only in Harmony for 10 minutes and trouble started.  If that was true, how did Luis have time to plan his surprise for Sheridan? They also needed time to get to the place they went to so how was that accomplished in 10 minutes?


When did Whitney have time to straighten her hair?  She didn't have much time to get ready.

Once again Alistair didn't feel Katherine's gun and he was on top of her this time. 

Gwen didn't know who Paloma was, but she saw her on the Internet during Luis and Sheridan's commitment ceremony.

Who took Pilar to the mansion when she was at the cottage.

What made Theresa decide to go back to the mansion?  She was at the Seascape with Chad.

No one heard all of the noise coming from Alistair's library and the door was open.


Since Alistair tried to kill Sheridan, why would she want to be in the mansion?

Sam was gone so long he managed to get a haircut.

The bathroom at the Seascape looks like the hall at the Crane mansion.

Pilar didn't sense Martin and he was outside of the door.

If Alistair didn't want anyone to know about Katherine, why would he take the risk and have her look the way she did before?

When did Fox start calling Julian "dad"?  He used to call him "father".

Pilar clearly saw Martin and heard him speak, but she didn't recognize him.

Michele and Cheryl

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