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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Fox had a picture of Chad on his desk.  Since he's in love with Whitney, you would think that he wouldn't want one of him even if Whitney was in it too.

Did Ethan really think Theresa would confess to taking advantage of him?  She's guilty so she wouldn't admit it.

No one checked Sheridan's pulse, but Luis and company assumed she was dead.

Julian didn't know who answered the Russell's phone when they don't have a maid.

It took the lady at the clinic that Whitney called so long to answer the phone.  The lady didn't know if the call was important or not.

Chad didn't even notice how Fox was going overboard trying to keep him from working at Crane Industries.

Alistair must be able to read lips because the TV he was watching didn't have any sound coming out of it.

Chad has no artists at the recording studio so what has he been doing all of this time?


How did the person know to call Julian when Eve didn't show up at the hospital? Why didn't the person call Eve's cell phone?

Beth and Edna were gone so long that their house looked different.

Why did Luis send Beth footage of his commitment ceremony with Sheridan? He knows that she was in love with him so that was tacky.

If the Crane mansion has so many rooms, how come Eve had to sleep in Ivy's old room?

Even in Katherine's fantasy, the writers made Alistair look like a monster instead of her.

It didn't take long for Chad to get used to being a Crane.


Paloma was suddenly worried about Pilar abandoning her once she got closer to Harmony.

Why would Father Lonigan want Whitney to have her brother's child?

Eve was wearing her pajamas when the show started, but she managed to get dressed in time to be with Julian when they heard the gunshot at the mansion.  Only a few minutes should have gone by.

Who told Sheridan that Kay can't have kids?

How come it took Shuis, KMart, and Paloma so long to get back to Harmony?  It didn't take Shuis as long to get to Mexico and they were on a second-rate plane.

The writers should get more convincing padding for Priscilla because she doesn't even look pregnant. She looks like she is wearing a pillow.

Luis and Sheridan switched seats while they were on the plane.  Luis had the window seat and Sheridan had the aisle seat, but they weren't sitting in the same seats anymore.


Sheridan and Luis were only gone from Harmony for a day to two, but she thought they would never get back there.

In Martin's flashbacks of his family in Sheridan's cottage, his kids looked as if they were around the same age, but there was a large age difference between Antonio, Luis, and the other kids.

Father Lonigan knew that Whitney was behind him when she walked up to him. How did he know that was her behind him?

The writers pulled the same stunt with Whitney that they did with Theresa.  When Theresa was pregnant, she was going to get an abortion.  She was crying and acting as if had got the abortion, but she never got one. Whitney did the same thing this week. She cried and asked what she had done, but she didn't get an abortion.

Sheridan was looking towards the Wheelers while Luis was talking to Pilar, but she didn't see them leave the cottage.

Why didn't Pilar, Luis, and Sheridan see Paloma when she left the cottage? How did she manage to leave the cottage? Is there more than one way out?


If Theresa was so worried about Whitney, why didn't she go find her?

Paloma was willing to believe what Alistair was saying instead of her family.

Martin's gun didn't have any bullets in it.

How come Sheridan didn't find Martin's gun in the cottage since she's redecorated the place after the Lopez-Fitzgeralds moved out? Martin claimed that he hid the gun in there years ago.

If Julian really wanted to be a good father to his kids, then he could make up with Fox instead of trying to make up with Chad.

Since Martin went to the mansion to kill Alistair, why did he take the time to confess to what he did on a tape recorder?

Michele and Cheryl

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