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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions:



Gwen just found out that Theresa was having twins so when did she have time to tell Rebecca about it?

Was Julian going to wait until Chad and Whitney got married before he told Chad that Whitney is his sister?

When Sheridan fell into the pit, she was wearing shoes, but she wasn't wearing them in this episode.

The writers shouldn't have showed the flashback of Theresa talking to Whitney in little Ethan's room because it looked like Lindsay and not Priscilla.

Paloma could have kicked Nick if she didn't want him to rape her.

Once again Martin risked his life to help Katherine and Sheridan, but he didn't want to do that for Luis.

Paloma took the time to talk to Nick instead of running away from him when she was knocked out.

Since Whitney thought that Chad was her brother once, you would think that she would have believed Fox when he told her about Chad.

Fox suddenly noticed a resemblance between Chad and Eve.

The rocks moved when Paloma moved them, but they wouldn't move when Martin, Katherine, and Sheridan tried to move them. Hmmm...


Ethan should have told Gwen that he thought that Theresa seduced him. Now she will think that they had an affair.

For some reason, Fox was under the impression that Alistair couldn't have lied about Chad being Evian's son. The man isn't known for his honesty.

Since Sheridan knows that she shouldn't scream around snakes, why would she do it?

Sheridan was able to hold the snakes, but she needed Martin to take them off of her.

Alistair must have a bug on Sheridan, Martin, and/or Katherine because he was able to watch them in the pit.

Theresa must not know what a fair-weather friend is because she told Gwen that she turned on her like a viper. A fair-weather friend wouldn't do that. He/she would be a friend for life.


If Alistair wanted to kill Martin, he didn't have to stop to talk to him?  He could have pulled the trigger.  

Eve saw how Julian reacted when he was about to tell her about their son, but she couldn't tell that he had bad news for her.

Alistair's gun didn't have any bullets in it.  That would have made it impossible for him to kill Martin. 

Martin was as bad as Alistair.  If he wanted to kill Alistair, he should have shot him instead of running his mouth.

Did Whitney plan on staying with Chad even though she knows that he's her brother?  For some reason, she didn't want Fox to tell Chad about his parents.

Martin could have shot Alistair and took the antidote if he really wanted to kill him.

Luis found out that Paloma was almost raped, but he only cared about Sheridan.

What made Martin think that Alistair wouldn't have lied about having an antidote to save Katherine and Sheridan?  Alistair would have said anything to keep Martin from shooting him.


When did Ethan/Gwen/Theresa go inside the Crane mansion because they were outside in Tuesday's episode. Also, Ethan and Gwen managed to change their clothes. Why would they do that when they were having a pool party?

Sheridan's nail polish was different from how it was before.  She had a French manicure, but now her nail polish is pink.  She was in the jungle so when did she have time to change it?

Luis said that Nick wouldn't bother them anymore because he was under the rubble, but Luis was buried and he was okay. Nick might be okay too.

Why was Julian so willing to believe that Alistair told the truth about Chad when he has no problem lying?

Chad blamed Eve and Julian for finding out that he was their son as if he didn't know that Alistair kept him away from them.

Gwen didn't tell Eve about Theresa since she was at the mansion.  If she told Eve about her, she wouldn't have had to take Theresa to the hospital.


Pilar wasn't using a wheelchair when she was talking to Theresa.

As far as the Lopez-Fitzgeralds knew, Martin died, but now Theresa knows that he abandoned them.

Theresa was so concerned about little Ethan, but she hasn't laid eyes on him since she got to the mansion.

Why didn't Sheridan, Katherine, and Luis want to get checked out by a doctor considering what they've been through?

Pilar had a dream about Paloma being in danger, but she didn't have one about Luis.

How long did Luis and Sheridan plan on staying in Mexico since they changed their clothes again?

Michele and Cheryl

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