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Passions 2004 Nitpicks & Flubs

Week of 6/21/04

Here are the nitpicks and flubs we found this week on Passions

6/21 - 6/25


The bruise on Luis's head from when he hit it in the water.

Sheridan and Antonio weren't wet when they were in the car.  It was raining outside so they should have been wet.  Chad managed to get wet when he was in the rain, but Sheridan and Antonio weren't wet at first.

Why was Sheridan's phone still working when Luis tried to call her?  Antonio threw her phone out in the rain so it shouldn't have worked anymore.

The chime, that Fox heard to let him know that he had mail, is used when you get an instant message, not when you get email.

When Alistair was rolling his cigar in his hands at the airport, he looked as if he touched the lit end of the cigar.


Luis's scar changed again.  It was darker than it was earlier.

Chad closed his flip phone, but Whitney was still on the phone.  Chad should have hung up on Whitney.

Why would Alistair let Luis know that he was the one responsible for helping Antonio get rid of Sheridan?

Whitney said that she didn't work on her singing since she left L.A. Did she forget how she sang at the Blue Note for the hospital fundraiser?

Whitney claimed she was surprised that Fox would be in love with an African American woman.  She said the Cranes wouldn't approve of him being with a black woman.  When she pretended to date him so she could keep an eye on little Ethan, none of the Cranes said anything about it.


If Eve is so worried about her past coming back to haunt her, why does she want Julian to find their son?  That's only going to make things worse for her.

When did Fox and Whitney take down the sheet that was dividing the bed?

Why did the air traffic controllers watch Luis attack Alistair?  They should have stopped the fight.

Whitney couldn't tell that she was the woman that Fox is in love with.  He said that the woman he loves is African American.  Who else would it be?  He doesn't hang around any other African American women.

When Liz faxed the permission slip for Irma to leave the home, she stuck the paper in the machine and walked away.  She didn't dial the fax number or press send yet the fax was sent.


Why is Theresa showing so much?  She's only been pregnant for a couple of days Harmony time.  We know Lindsay's really pregnant in real life, but Theresa's not that far long.

If Pilar's problem wasn't that serious, why did someone call Theresa?

Why weren't Miguel and Luis told about Pilar?  Someone thought to call Theresa but not them.

Luis seemed more upset at the idea of losing Sheridan than he was about losing his brother.

How could Sheridan not have heard the Crane jet explode when she was outside?

Why did Foxney have to spend time talking about Theresa?

When Katherine mentioned Martin's sons, she forgot to mention Miguel.

When Ethan thought about what happened with Theresa (when she raped him) why didn't he think of when he called out Gwen's name?


Why didn't Miguel check on Pilar before he left the hospital?  All he cared about was checking on Charity.

Luis's scar changed shape again. 

Why did Pilar think that Fox would forgive Theresa if he found out what Theresa did to him? Theresa cheated on Fox so why would he forgive her?

When Pilar found out about Theresa's plan to get little Ethan back, she was appalled.  Now that Pilar wants Theresa to be with Fox, she tried to justify Theresa tricking Ethan into bed.

Why would Charity listen to what Tabitha was telling her about bringing pain and suffering to Harmony?  She should have walked away from her.

Why didn't Theresa call Whitney and tell her how she was going to the Inn?

Why didn't Miguel hear Tabitha yelling at Charity?  He showed up in the backyard just as Tabitha finished talking so he should have heard her.

Michele and Cheryl

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