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Passions Fan Fiction


Prologue: Sheridan and Luis have been separated for months, ever since the explosion on their boar while in Bermuda, her love thinks she is dead....

Brian her savior has fallen for her, but what is his past with harmony and will Sheridan and Luis get their Christmas miracle.


  "Oh Brian I can't wait till we sail to Harmony!, I know I recognize the name , but I don't know where from, maybe I will remember something or SOMEONE from my life" exclaimed Sheridan (aka "Diana").

  "I know I'm getting pieces of my memory back, but they are all jumbled and I don't know what is true or just a flash of something I really want to happen, but I can feel it in my heart that Harmony will jog my memory" Sheridan said excited..

  "Yeah! Harmony, why do I have to go back there, after all this time maybe no-one will recognize me, after all it has been a long time" Brian thought to himself.

  "Brian, Brian...." Brian snapped back into reality, "huh , Diana did you say something?" he asked

"Yeah I was saying I'm sooo excited about sailing to Harmony tomorrow and how hopefully that it will job my memory" Sheridan said

  "Right! yeah I hope that for you too, I'm glad your excited....ok I'm going to organize some stuff to take tomorrow, so...I'll see you later" Brian said as he walked off toward the hotel.

Brian thought he wouldn't need to go back to harmony, to his past , he thought that was all behind him when he left years ago.

  "Harmony couldn't be where Diana came from, could it?" Brian mumbled to himself.

Meanwhile in Harmony:

Luis was staring at a picture of a young blonde woman  

 "oh Sheridan , why did they have to take you away from me!?" Luis said aloud.

It was nearly Christmas , the best time of year and Luis didn't have the woman he loved most in the entire world, she was taken away from him in a flash.

He would never love or even look at another woman, because Sheridan is the love of his life and always will be nothing could ever change that and one day they will be reunited in heaven and will live happily ever after.

Why did he feel that she wasn't dead that she was alive after all, he could feel it in his heart, but that would be impossible her fingerprints matched the woman they found at sea in Bermuda but a part of him can feel whenever she is close by .

Once morning came, Sheridan was up bright and early she was too excited to sleep so once she was up she couldn't go back to sleep.

An hour later she was pack and ready to go, when Brian came and surprised to see her up so early.

  "hey , your up bright and early this morning, I know your excited , do you actually think Harmony could have something to do with your past?" Questioned Brian.

  "yeah I really have a good feeling about this Brian, it is like my life is about to change for the better" said Sheridan

  "Yeah well whatever we find out there it is going to change, that's for sure." answered Brain.

  "ok you ready? Lets go".... Sheridan said to Brian as they walked out the door.

Sheridan and Brian headed toward the beach where the boat stood which would be taking them to Harmony when all of a sudden as Sheridan was stepping toward the boat she had a flash of a man and woman kissing and stepping in a boat going sailing.

  "OMG brain, I remember I've been sailing before with a guy we were very much in love...oh yes..." Sheridan exclaimed.

Brian was not happy that she was getting her memory back with involved the love of her life, she obviously does not have the same feelings about him that he has about her.

  "Are you sure Diana?" he said 

  "Yes I'm positive, I knew someone loved me and they were the love of my life and I                have a feeling this trip will trigger the rest of my memory."

As they got the boat started they headed out to sea with Sheridan thinking that this is what she has been hoping for all along and Brian thinking that he hopes no-one will recognize him ...the boy who ran away so long ago.


While Brian was sailing the boat through the seas, Sheridan  begins to look out at sea, wondering why she feels that she was on a boat at sea with the love of her life not too long ago.

When she gets a flash of her kissing a guy on a boat and professing their love.

   "OMG I remember!" she thought.

 She knew that Brian liked her but she doesn't have those romantic feelings for him.

Brian had so many thoughts going around in his head , about heading back to Harmony, seeing people from his past how it would be to see them again..

If this was his choice then he would never come back , he then thinks back 20 or so years ago til THE night so long ago.....



A young boy stood in the doorway to the CRANE living room but hid round the corner when he heard two men arguing it could have been about business there was a  little girl sitting on the staircase sobbing then an older man came and took her upstairs.

The little boy went a little closer but not too close as they would see him, the men were arguing about Business and over Katherine, Alistair's wife and HER daughter Sheridan.

Everyone knew that Alistair and Katherine were hardly a couple in love , it was also clear that he didn't love Sheridan at all.

The two men were Alistair Crane and someone he'd never seen before he guessed someone from Crane Industries but then his father Martin Fitzgerald came into the room and saw what Alistair was doing, one minute they were fighting and yelling then he sees Alistair with his letter opener.

Alistair then Stabs the man with the letter opener and the little boy wants to run out and help him but he also doesn't want to be caught so he stays.

So while Alistair and his son Julian  practically dragged his father out of the room  to check on some plane that was taking them somewhere the little boy saw little Sheridan go over to the body where she accidentally touched him.

The little boy realized that she picked up the letter opener that was laying on the floor and sees blood on it.

Then now she looked at her hands which were now covered in blood from the body and didn't know what had happened as she didn't see the whole scene.

The little boy saw little Sheridan come down from her room not long after Alistair killed the man.

Then Alistair and Julian came back into the room and caught the little boy and realized that he had seen the whole thing , Alistair then saw Sheridan with blood on her hands standing over the body  and saw that there was only one solution, that he had to take all three of them Sheridan, Martin, the little boy turned out to be ANTONIO  some place that would make them all forget about what had happened that night.



Brian snapped back into reality trying to turn his attention toward the sea, they would be arriving in Harmony with in a few minutes.

  "Diana we are arriving in Harmony in a short while, so are you ready to find out your past?" Brian asked Sheridan.

  "Yes Brian, I am more than ready....I'm kinda anxious as will be good to find out the rest of my life with the man I love". exclaimed Sheridan.

Meanwhile at the Harmony Hospital, Luis decided to go to the Chapel to pray for a Miracle, to bring Sheridan back to him and this time last year god had brought Sheridan back to him.

  "Oh how I wish I could turn back time, to a time when we were happy and I would never again make the mistake of letting her out of my site ever again.

Or if I had one more chance to make it right, if only  god would make a miracle come true and bring Sheridan back to me!". Luis was thinking.

When Brian and Sheridan's boat docked in Harmony Brian had caught his hand on a fishing Hook.

  "Oh hey I think we should get you to the hospital to get your hand checked out in cause it might infected, lets go, I'm not taking no for an answer" Sheridan told Brian.

Even though as far as she knew she had never been to Harmony but seemed to know where to go.

When They reached the hospital so she took him to get checked out but for some reason she needed to go to the chapel.

  "Brian I'll be back as soon as I can just got to do something" Sheridan said as she headed out the door.

While in the chapel:

Luis was kneeling on the alter praying to god that someway , somehow to bring Sheridan back to him.

   "oh sherry, oh how I love you so much, how can I ever live without you." Luis says out loud.

  "oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt." Sheridan tells Luis.

Luis couldn't  believe what he was seeing, Sheridan was right in front of him, speaking.

He wasn't dreaming or dead, he just had to find out what exactly was happening.

"Sheridan?? is that you?? Luis said.........


"Sheridan is that really you?" Luis asked again. 

"Do You know who I am I'm sorry about asking this, it is just because awhile ago I think I was involved in a boat accident, I was found off a small island in Bermuda and was taken care of but the only problem is that I have no memory of my life before I woke up, but I have been having memory flashes of 2 people in love on a boat, rose bushes plus I feel that Harmony has something to do with my past" she replies.

Luis cannot believe this, this really is Sheridan her memories, Bermuda, the boat, the rose bushes, amnesia? he knew that deep inside him he knew she couldn't be dead or he would know it.

He and Sheridan have this great bond that each of them know when each of them is in trouble and he didn't fell that Sheridan was dead.

"Oh yes I definitely know who you are, you are Sheridan Crane the love of my life, you are my whole reason for living....I was so distraught and had no reason for living if it was without you, this may scare you as you may not remember our life together but we were engaged to be married, we were in Bermuda for a pre-wedding Honeymoon then I lost you." Luis explains to Sheridan

Sheridan was excited, confused, shocked all at once now she knew that she was loved and that this person still did love her, even though she may not remember she automatically has feelings for him it is like she cannot stop them, it is like her emotions are finally coming through and she just wanted to go up to him and hug and kiss him and never let him go! ever.

So I was Sheridan Crane after all.

Sheridan then suddenly had a series of memories from just looking at him starting from their first date, Paris, their fights, Making love, Proposal, Bermuda, their engagement party, all the things her family tried to break them up, she now realized that she has her memory back and with all everything Sheridan just faints.

Luis panics when he sees Sheridan faint, so he takes her into a room aback the church and lay her on the bed.

"Sheridan, are you okay? Sheridan please baby wake up!" Luis pleads.

"wow, what happened, I'm a little dizzy, Luis is that you? Sheridan asks.

Sher do u remember? do you know who I am, where you are? honey sweetie what do you remember? he says.

Sheridan remembers back before she fainted, all the memories, she now remembered that she had her memory back.

Before She answered Sheridan took his face and kissed him with all the passion that was up all inside her.

"Yes Luis honey I remember, I remember everything and I LOVE you so much. I've never loved anyone so much and I'm really sorry for all the pain I've put you through.

You will never have to live without me ever again or me you.

We are going to be together forever."

Sheridan says.

"Oh Sher, you have no idea how that makes me feel for you to say that, I love you too much... and I've got something for you that I've been waiting too long" Luis says with a smile on his face.

He grabs her and hungrily kisses her like there's no tomorrow, he was not letting her go again.

They were kissing for about 10 minutes or until they were out of breath and had to come up for air.

"Wow that's a kiss I can look forward to, I can't remember when you kissed me like that, it was torture not to have my memory and I knew that I loved someone out there and that they loved me too and I was right" she says.

"oh Sheridan you cannot imagine how long I've waited for that, but I do have a few questions about from when you were rescued, who rescued you how did u get here , who brought you?" Luis said very fast.

"wow calm down Luis, I will tell you one at a time." she said.


"Ok here goes:

Actually I remember being on the boat making coffee you remember calling you name don't you? well that was because as I was making coffee I found a bomb on our bomb and I didn't have enough time to warn you then by that time the boat exploded and the next thing I remember is that I woke up and I see 3 people a doctor, the hotel owner Liz and the guy who rescued me Brian they were all really concerned about how I was doing, I have a feeling that Liz likes Brian.

Well when they asked who I am I couldn't remember my name or anything about where I came from I didn't remember anything except from when I woke up.

Because I couldn't remember my name Brian told me to think of the first name that came into my head and then the name I came up with was Diana I didn't know it then but that was my friend princess Diana and I guess that is why it came to me.

Then we went for a walk on the beach and I remember seeing a article in the paper and me being dead and how my fingerprints and dental records matched the woman they found dead in Bermuda, I really don't understand that myself.

But anyway yeah I felt that maybe I could have been me Sheridan Crane but then Brian told me that she had died and it totally crushed me to think no-one was looking for me and that no-one loved me, but I know now that is not true.

Then Brian told me he'd help me find out about my life and who I was.

I then had a dream that night  about out first meeting, crashing into your car but I didn't understand it, I thought that it was just a dream but really it was a memory.

Oh and I had a dream once that we were on the titanic in a past life with me as Sarah and you as Liam and then that night I remember Liz saying that there was this guest staying at the hotel who had just lost his fiancÚ in a accident and I wanted to meet him and see if we could help each other but we never got to meet so that night I guess I was sleepwalking I thought this guest was Liam from the titanic.

How weird huh?

So to make a long story short when I heard that he came from a town named Harmony and that he was sailing his boat back there, I don't know why but I felt connected to the town so Brian and I sailed back here and here we are." Sheridan tells Luis.

"Yeah it sure is, OMG I realized that I went to a small island off Bermuda to sail Beths boat back here and I met the hotel owner Liz and she said that she had a guest staying here that she wanted me to meet because she had amnesia and couldn't remember anything about her life.

There are so many times where I could have sworn that I saw you, but I kept telling myself that I was just seeing things."

"But now that I think about it, Sheridan you were that guest who had amnesia and the one Liz wanted me to meet"

Luis says.

"yeah I remember Liz said that this guest had just lost his fiancÚ in a terrible accident I even went to the beach to find you. I cannot believe this, we were at the same hotel and never saw each other....well I'm glad we are together now and forever" Sheridan tells him.

Brian wondered where Diana could have gone to, so he decided to go look for her.

So he was walking down the halls of the hospital when he came to the hospital chapel and decided to check in there when he saw a young couple hugging he decided to ask them if they had seen Diana not knowing that the couple was Luis and Sheridan.

"hi I'm sorry I was just looking for! Diana what are you doing here, I was just looking for you and who is this ?" Brian said.

Luis turned  to see who this guy was and when he did , he got the biggest shock of his life and saw that it was ANTONIO-his brother!.

"Brian?? is something the matter, Luis? whets wrong looks like you've just seen a ghost. Luis I would like you to meet the guy who saved me Brian! Brian this is the love of my life Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald." Sheridan declares.


"Sheridan, this cannot be the guy who saved you, this is Antonio my long -lost brother who disappeared right after papa did" Luis exclaimed.

Luis couldn't believe this right after he finds out that his miracle did come true that God had brought Sheridan back to him now her saviour is Antonio, where has he been all these years, why did he leave, he had so many questions.

"Antonio as in Lopez Fitzgerald, but how can this be! Brian/Antonio can could you not told me this? "Sheridan demanded.

"Actually first Diana before I tell you about me, why don't you tell me how you know Luis?" Brian/Antonio said.

"Well Brian/Antonio, when we got here and I said I had to go somewhere, I actually came here to this chapel and Luis was here praying for a miracle, for his fiancÚ to come back to him and you know how at first you thought I was Sheridan Crane well you were right! I am Sheridan Crane-soon to be Lopez Fitzgerald. I am Luis's fiancÚ that he thought died out in Bermuda we were sailing on out pre honeymoon trip when just before the boat exploded I saw a bomb and that is what made the boat explode and how everyone thought I was dead, well I don't know how to explain the fingerprints and dental records matching the woman who was found dead but after I saw Luis here I had a whole series of memory flashes from the day we met til the boat explosion, we are engaged to be married and then I fainted after all the flashes , but once I woke I remembered everything I have my memory back, I remember that Luis is the love of my life I was telling you about." Sheridan explains.

Brian/Antonio cannot believe his luck the girl of his dreams and the one who he had rescued turned out to be his brother Luis's fiancÚ and that she is Sheridan Crane-the richest girl in the world.

"Ok then I guess it is my turn to explain who I am, ok yes I am Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald and to explain my actions for the past 20 years I will tell you a story".

Antonio tells the couple.

"It all starts from when Mama, Papa and us kids were living in the cottage on the Crane estate well one night I went to the Mansion and while I went in and I heard 2 voices one was your father Sheridan Alistair Crane and the other was I guess a business associate within Crane Industries well I stood near the entrance of the living room while they continued to yell and the screaming could have woke up the entire Town then I noticed a young blonde haired girl sitting on the stairs it looked like she was scared of the yelling-Sheridan that little girl was you! ok so where was I? oh yes the living room, ok then all of a sudden in comes papa because he was looking for me as I was gone from the cottage for while and was concerned.

So in comes papa and That was when Alistair pulled out a gun and while Papa and the man try to get the gun from Alistair the gun goes off and it is the man who is shot , he is dead and Alistair is who is holding the gun.

So Alistair calls Julian to call the pilot to get the crane jet fuelled up  to go to an unknown destination so Alistair Practically drags Papa out of the room I see Sheridan go towards the Dead body which is now covered with a sheet I'm not sure why but she touches the sheet which is how she gets blood on her hands , she drops the letter opener and doesn't understand what has happened , I go up to Sheridan to comfort her and I'm about to tell her to hide before they come back but then Alistair and Julian come into the room and see us near the dead body and Sheridan with blood on her hands , Alistair then tells her that she is a bad girl and because of what she saw no-one will ever love her.

Alistair tells Julian that no-one can ever know what happened here tonight and that they would have to take Sheridan and Antonio with them and pay someone to brainwash them into thinking it is all a nightmare.

So Alistair and Julian take Sheridan, papa and me to a plane, I was told Sheridan was sent to doctors who Alistair hired to tell her it was all a dream and nothing happened, Papa and I were also sent to doctors to brainwash us into forgetting that night, from there I was then sent to a good school but because it wasn't my kinda school I left and became a fisherman and went to live off a small island near Bermuda.

I'm not sure what happened to papa after that the doctors could be stay treating him, he may have amnesia.

So that is how I ended up here."

"wow, I've been having nightmares about that night for years always thinking that I had killed someone but now I know that it isn't true, it was Alistair and we had witnessed it, I wonder if we could track down your father, what do you think Luis?"

Sheridan said.

"Yeah well Sher that is a possibility, well at least I can tell mamma that he isn't dead , I'll look into it later, OMG Sher we have to tell everyone that you are alive, but I don't think we should tell Julian and Alistair yet as I think they are the ones who set up the bomb on our boat, so I think you should hide out for a bit til we find enough proof to put them away then we can live a full and happy live together I don't want anything or anyone splitting us up anymore." Luis told Sheridan.

"Ok I think that's a good idea, Antonio I think you should hide out too, if father or Julian find out that your back they will try something, trust me I know what they are capable of and how far they will go to get what they want, so ok lets get out of here guys." Sheridan Told them.

From saying that they finally made their way out from the hospital toward an old place in the middle of no-where where no-one would ever come.

For Luis and Sheridan there they can be alone for months of catching up.


After so long of being apart they found a place to hide out and they locked themselves into a room where they couldn't be disturbed and fall on the bed and made love for hours.

While laying in Luis's arms Sheridan says "Oh Luis, I can't believe that I had to live without you for so many months even though I couldn't remember, I knew that I had the only love of my life out there somewhere."

"I know baby, when I thought you were dead I felt like that I should of died with you, like my heart was ripped out of my body and I couldn't live if you were not in my life and I could never, never be with anyone else ever!.

Now we can get married and live happily ever after." Luis says.

"yes absolutely but I don't think we should tell anyone we are going to get married as my family will find out I'm alive and try something again, you know my father knows everyone before it happens, he probably has bugs all around town so we should do it secretly and expose them for what they did to us and then we could come out of hiding and live the life we always wanted."

"brrr, brrr, oh that's my cell, yes Lopez Fitzgerald, yes you did , ok I'll be right there, thanks Antonio." Luis answered.

"ok Sher that was Antonio and he thinks he might have a lead on papa so I'm going to check it out, so he is going to come and stay with you while I'm gone cause I don't want to leave you alone , but I'll be back as soon as I'm finished ok, baby" Luis calmly tells Sheridan.

Sheridan looks at him and say-so, but don't be too long, I don't want to be away from you for as long as I have to, its been too long as it is."

"ok, I love you so much Sheridan, well I gotta go, bye...." Luis said as he slowly walked toward the door.

Leaving Sheridan was the hardest thing but he had to check this out and then they could go back to where they left off.

Outside Luis runs into Antonio, " Hey bro, so just watch over the love of my life ok, I can't be without her even for a second but if we find papa we can then put away Julian and Alistair for what they did to Sheridan and me and the whole family." Luis tells him.

"ok no prob, sure I'll stay with her until you return." Antonio Tells him.

As Luis left Antonio went in and saw Sheridan by the bed.

"Hey Sheridan, I can't believe I never saw it before, your and Luis's souls are like one, you two are totally in love, so when's the wedding?"

"Yeah tell me about it, I can never live without him I'd rather die if I ever lost him, you know on the island I think deep down I knew that I loved Luis even then even though I didn't remember I could feel his presence."

"Hopefully the wedding will be very soon, I love him so much I cannot wait til I become his wife and we live happily ever after and this time forever."

Luis walked in the Harmony Police precinct after getting a call on the possible whereabouts of his father.

Luis walks over to Sam Bennett's desk..."Ok Sam, what do u have? Luis asks the Harmony Police chief.

Sam Takes out a folder from a drawer "Well I have been keeping tabs on this particular person for a while now and it seems that this person has been going to the same place every day for the past 20 years.

No-one knows why, that's why I think u are perfect to find out this, because this person is ALISTAIR CRANE!!!"

"ALISTAIR!!," Luis looks through the stack of papers in the folder, then faces Sam and says" What the hell is old man Alistair doing in a  place like this. this is definitely not his kind of place , but I'm sure going to find out.

With that Luis runs out the station front door and into his car to the address in the folder.

Luis went drove up to a dark warehouse on the other side of town, he check the address again to make sure he had it right.

Once double checked he got out of the car and walked toward the door.

He opened the door his gun in hand, and then saw Alistair sitting down on a chair looking at a back door.

O.k. Alistair, stand up and turn around you are in so much trouble." Luis ordered him.

"Oh Officer Lopez Fitzgerald, I have nothing to hide, why should I be in trouble if I haven't done anything wrong huh? "

"Ok , if you think u haven't done anything wrong, what the hell are u doing here, we both know this isn't your kind of place you would go for fun or even business, so fess up, it has something to do with my father right?

"I have no idea what your talking about officer, I came here to meet a business associate who didn't want to meet in town, now would u just go away and leave before he turns up....."

Luis turn to leave when he hears a noise, from the back room to which Alistair was looking at before.

"Ok old man, sit down or I will use this gun on you, and don't think I wouldn't cause you know I very darn well would after all what you have done to my life and to Sheridan's."

Alistair backs away toward the chair and sits down while Luis gets the rope he saw on the floor and ties him up while he goes to check the noise out.

"Don't worry , I can see you every minute, so don't even try anything or I will kill you without a second thought." Luis tells Alistair as he heads toward the room.


Sheridan was pacing the floor wondering what could have took Luis so long, then after so long worrying herself to death she decided to go look for him.

  "Antonio, I want to go look for Luis, I'm getting worried about him and if you say no, I'll go by myself, you can't stop me if you tried , so are you coming or staying?"

Antonio knew not to argue with her when it comes to Luis.

  "Okay, okay lets go...."

Antonio knew something wasn't right but he put that thought out of his mind as they headed out the door toward his car.

Meanwhile in the down-town warehouse, Alistair was trying to get out of his ropes that were tied behind his back while Luis went to the back room, he knew he will be dead once he finds what is in the room and it was now or never.

Luis crept into the back room while still keeping an eye on old man Alistair he knew what Alistair is capable of and he didn't want him trying anything.

He practically died from shock, surprise and horror when he saw what or should we say WHO was in the room...none other than his father "MARTIN FITZGERALD" tied to a chair.

  "What the hell, Papa, is that you? no, it can't be. can it? Ok ..what the hell is going on here?"

Sheridan and Antonio had found out where Luis had gone , so they went to the other part of town, she hadn't been here before when she spotted Luis's car outside an abandoned warehouse.

They went in as they heard a noise what they saw shocked her to death and was confused as hell.

  "Father what...why are you tied up. what the hell have you done?, come on speak or have you lost your voice" Sheridan demanded.

  "Ah Sheridan, well its kind of a long story.... What, wait a minute. no this can't be true you're dead, I mind, I must be seeing things, and who are you (referring to Antonio) why age you pretending to be my daughter when my daughter is dead, she died in a boat explosion?" Alistair inquired.

  "Well lets see I didn't die in that explosion that you set you, and I know it was you so don't deny, I can't believe that you hated me enough to kill me, well you didn't succeed.

I was rescued off the coast of Bermuda and had been staying there for the past few months. with amnesia I couldn't remember anything before the explosion, but I have my memory back and I remember everything. and I do mean everything ..this here is Antonio Lopez-Fitzgerald who you conveniently ran out of town all those years ago and you cannot get out of this and he told us already." Sheridan said.

Alistair couldn't believe this...his worst nightmare was coming true not only had Luis caught him here with Martin tied up and I'm sure he's trying to get answers from him but he's not so dead daughter is back from the dead after he attempt to kill her and also Antonio the boy who he took out of the country is also back as well, this day couldn't get any worse. can it?

  " Well looks like I can't lie out of this. or okay I admit it. yes I tried to kill you to get you away from Luis and whets this about "we" , please don't tell me your still with HIM?"

"If you are referring to Luis, yes we are still together and more in love than ever, so there is nothing you can do to break us up, and you are going to jail for all the things you have done, Julian too, so he won't be able to help you.

Wait a minute the reason we came here in the first place was that this is where Luis is, so where is he...?"Sheridan demanded.

Sheridan looked at the back room..  " Oh never mind you wouldn't have told me anyway, come on Antonio lets see whets so important in there anyway"

 Once Sheridan and Antonio stepped into the room all Sheridan said was"OMG"and then fainted.

Chapter 8

Once Luis saw Sheridan Faint in the doorway, he quickly ran to her and revived her.

  "Sherry, are you alright?" Luis asks her.

  " Um..yeah okay...just felt  a bit dizzy that's all, was I imagining things or is Martin Fitzgerald here" Sheridan asked groggily.

  "Yeah Sheridan, it is him after all this time, I was about to ask him how he got him, we know what happened all this years ago, ok lets go inside and see if he can give us some answers, Antonio, why don't you go and grab Alistair , so he doesn't run off"

5 Minutes later, everyone was in the back room Alistair tied to a chair, while Sheridan, Antonio, Sheridan and Martin sit on a couch.

Luis Had waited for this ever since he disappeared then after this has all finished he could get on with his life with the love of his life Sheridan.

  "Okay Antonio told us what really what really happened that night when Sheridan was a little girl, she had thought she had killed someone  which then haunted her whole life. But what I want to know is, how did you end up here, ever since Sheridan came back to me we have been trying to figure out where you could be, so how long have you been here, what happened to you after that night."

  " Okay, after Alistair and Julian took Antonio and I on the plane, I was send to Switzerland where I was treated on to make me forget what happened and to make me think it was a bad dream, but of course I knew better than that, so throughout the years Alistair would come visit the places I was taken to, more hypnosis to check if the doctors were doing their job , so last year was the last time I was Alistair till now when he told me that he was taking him to someplace familiar , home but that he wouldn't be seeing anyone, and I was hoping someone would find me here."

Alistair nearly had the ropes that tied his hands untied, he knew he had a plan that Luis wouldn't get out of, or he hoped so.

He knew what Luis would do any minute if he didn't do something, so he did, he saw Sheridan walk near the door then without anyone watching him, he jumped up took Sheridan by the Shoulders and held a gun to her head Threatening to shoot, he had to get out of this somehow, there was no-way he was going to jail.

"Okay guys now do as I say and she won't get hurt you got me? You guys have me no choice I am not going to jail so this is my only option, you figured me out what I have done, okay sure I admit it." Alistair told him.

Luis couldn't believe this, Sheridan , his love was being held gun point by her own father and he had to do something quick he wasn't going to let him off scot free nor was he going to lose Sheridan again.

So he slowly grabbed his gun carefully not letting anyone see it.

  "Okay you win, (walking toward him) Let Sheridan go and you don't go to jail"

"great I knew we could come to something officer" Alistair said as he gently put down his gun , just then something unexpected happened he didn't expect .

Just as Alistair put down his gun, Luis came flying and jumped on him with full speed, something Luis didn't think he would expect and he was right, it surprised old man Alistair which made him drop his gun, then a few mins later Luis had Alistair in Handcuffs and this time he wasn't going anywhere but to jail.

Sheridan couldn't believe it, her own father had threatened to kill her for just not going to jail, she knew that he hated her and never loved her but she didn't expect this.

  "Just one thing before you go FATHER, how could you, what is it that you hate about me, is it I remind you of mother or something more, I have something to show you and then I never want to see you ever again understand?"

Just as Sheridan said that she punched him right in the face that made him fall a bit backward.

Alistair knew she should know the truth, cause it is now or never and he doesn't have anything else to lose.

"Okay you want to know why, it is because you are NOT my daughter, yes that's right your mother was so lonely cause she felt that I was so cold and never loved her like you do, she turned to someone else for comfort and yes I resented her and YOU for it, pretending that you were a crane but in reality you are not.

You want to know who is it is Sam Bennett's father , yes you are a bloody Bennett just like Ethan, that is one of the reasons I sent you away , I couldn't stand to look at you anymore and you already know the other reason.

So are you satisfied now? you wanted to know the truth and now you do, well goodbye Sheridan."

Luis rang up one of the officers at the station who informed him that they had arrested Julian and who admitted his part in all what happened and incriminated Alistair as well, then Luis told one of them to come down and take Alistair to Jail.

When a officer came and took Alistair away, Antonio went home to tell Theresa, Miguel and Pilar what had occurred over the last few days.

When everyone left except Sheridan and him, he saw that Sheridan was crying in the corner of the room.

  "Shhh...Sherry whets wrong, I know its all hard to understand, but once I think about it, I guess it makes sense, You felt like you never was loved only by Ethan and look at that he turned out not to be a Crane either and you never felt like  a Crane really, but I'm really sorry you have to go through this, its a lot to take in."

Sheridan came to a conclusion  " You know Luis your right, I was just upset after learning that who I thought I was , I wasn't really that person and I don't know who I was, but now I do I am soon to be Sheridan Lopez-Fitzgerald, actually I'm glad that I'm not a Crane anymore and your right I never felt like I was one of them and now I know why.

Maybe I will go to Sam and tell him maybe I could also be  a part of his family also, I've always loved and felt a close connection there but didn't know why and now I do, cause he is my Half-Brother, it feels good to say that"

  "Okay Sherry baby. let go and start our lives together, FINALLY!" Luis said as they headed out the door and toward his car.


A Few days later Luis and Sheridan were in the middle of planning their wedding then they heard that Julian and Alistair have gone to jail but then there was a problem with the estate and the Crane money, since Ivy and Julian's younger children were too young to inherit the money and estate, so when Sheridan's Mother's lawyer came to them one day and told them that in her will that she left Sheridan half of the estate and all of her money and since neither Alistair nor Julian can run the estate or have any access to their money everything goes to her since she is a Crane even by name only.

But the only problem was so does Crane Industries, she will own the family business as well.

    "Um..Luis...what are we going to do, I'm going to have all the Crane money, estate and company?" Sheridan asked Luis.

    "I don't know Sheridan, you can't just throw away the money I don't mind it now, since Alistair and Julian are in jail , Ethan is not a Crane, so whatever you decide I will be happy with it, okay"

  "Okay sweetie, actually I have been thinking about this for a while and um..what do you think about Moving into the crane Mansion, running Crane Industries and making it a true family not like the one I had, we could even get Theresa, Ethan, Pilar your whole family to come live with us and when we have children it will be a loving family business and house.

I know its a lot to ask, I don't know much about business but I would like to learn and you could do a course in law and start at the company and Ethan what do you think, would you like it a family business?"

  "Yeah well now that you mention it, Sherry I think that's a great idea, okay lets tell the others notices Sheridan very pale), um..Sheridan are you feeling okay?" Luis asked.

"Um..actually Luis..there's something I need to tell you, today I went to see eve after I fainted the other day and she did some tests and guess what? IM PREGNANT!  yeah your going to be a father!"

"WHAT are you serious, Sheridan, OMG this is the best news ever, not only am in getting married to the most wonderful woman in the world but she is also carrying our child, oh Sheridan you just made me the happiest man alive." Luis says

Luis picks up Sheridan spins her around and kisses her.

  "Okay lets go and tell everyone" Luis says.


A few days later Sheridan and Luis were pronounced Man and Wife, they had decided to surprise everyone with the news of her pregnancy after the wedding.

  " OMG I can't believe I'm actually Mrs. Sheridan Lopez Fitzgerald, finally after all the trouble we have been through, we're finally here with you forever." Sheridan says.

"Okay everyone Sheridan and I have something to tell you guys, there has been so many good times that has happened over the last few weeks, with Sheridan, Antonio and pap coming back, Sheridan and I getting married, moving into the mansion and running Lo-fitz Industries (renamed from Crane) and now we just found  out a few days ago, Sheridan and I are going to have a baby, Sheridan is pregnant."

Theresa runs up to Sheridan and hugs her.

   "OMG Sheridan that's just the best news, I'm going to be a Auntie..yeah.."

"Theresa I know, I'm just so happy its the way we've always wanted it to happy, Luis and I married expecting our first child, You and Ethan engaged us living the life we wanted, working in lo-fiz industries, living in the mansion its all we could even dreamed of."

Sheridan and Luis Had 4 kids 2 boys , 2 girls names Amy, McKenzie, Ben and Eric and they lived happily ever after

Martin and Pilar never again worked, loved living in the mansion. with Teresa and Ethan living in the cottage, they had 2 children a boy and girl named Jessica, and Jack.


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