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Passions Fan Fiction


Passions Fan Fiction by Carin Counter

Crane Mansion...... Ivy is sitting down on the sofa with a cup of coffee, Julian is pacing back and fourth staring at the telephone.... 

Ivy-Julian, for gods sake, will you please not be so impatient...Alistair will call you as soon as he signs the papers.

Julian-Easy for you to say, Ivy, you don't know father just as I do, I still think this is some sort of wicked trick on my behalf.

Ivy-Of course it's not Julian, Alistair would not joke about something like this. You are his heir now, ever since Ethan married Charity Standish, Alistair has reconsidered you completely.

Julian-Yes, I know Ivy, I don't know why Ethan made such a bloody decision, that girl is very homely, don't you think?

Ivy-You know how I feel about her Julian, It took all my strength to support Ethan on the worst decision of his life.

Julian-Yes, well I guess it was the rightful thing to do, after impregnating the little thing. The only bad thing to come out of it is that now I have to stand seeing Sam Bennett more than usual, after all we are family now....imagine that me and laws...ha! rings.....

Julian-Hello father....

Alistair (on phone)- Julian, the papers have been signed, you are now my rightful heir, now listen son. I don't want you giving Ethan any money for anything, do you understand? And I don't want you associating with him in any such way, do I make myself clear?

Julian-Why, Ethan is a grown man! He is a lawyer, he has money, and father, don't you go telling me what to do, Ethan is my son, I will see him if I please...(he hangs up phone)

Ivy-Don't tell me Alistair is ordering you about

Julian-I'm just going to have to listen to him Ivy, if I want to be his heir

Ivy-oh that's right, Julian, still scared of daddy...(she laughs to herself)

Pilar enters the room....

Pilar-Mrs. Crane, I would appreciate it if I could have the rest of the day off, as you know Teresa is having her bachelorette party this evening, and I would like to help her prepare for it.

Julian- I will not hear of it Pilar! Walk out that door and you FIRED! Done with....Now, get back to work.

Ivy-Julian! Shut up! I can believe how incredibly rude you are...Pilar, yes you may have the rest of the day off..

Pilar-Thank you Mrs.Crane, I'll see you tomorrow morning. (she leaves)

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home.....Whitney, Teresa, and Chad are up in Teresa's room.

Teresa-Oh Chad! I'm so excited for tonight! And just think, tomorrow we will be husband and wife!

Chad-That's right, baby. But now, I have got to leave you two girls alone, I know you want to plan for your party tonight...I'll see you later. (He plants a big wet one on her and leaves)

Teresa-Oh Whitney! I cant believe I finally found more happiness that I could ever dream with Chad! I love him so completely, and it's fate that brought us together, don't you think?

Whitney-Sure, Teresa...I know just what your talking about, I found the same thing with Miguel, and all thanks to you, you know, I cant thank you enough for setting us up on that date, I'm just glad my parents approve of him, I would just die if they didn't.

Teresa-Oh Whitney, your parents and Miguel are old friends, just think....Tomorrow is going to be the best day of my life! All my family, friends together, celebrating my wedding to the man I love! Ooh, It's so much excitement, I cant stand it.

Whitney-I'm so flattered that you chose me to be your maid of honor. Teresa-Oh Whitney, who else would I chose? Your my best friend in the whole world!!!

Whitney- Well, you and Gwen seem pretty tight, I don't know, I just thought maybe you would chose her.

Teresa-Don't be silly Whitney! She is a bridesmaid, nothing more..

Whitney-Well I'd love you just the same If I was a bridesmaid.

Teresa-I'm glad, but luckily, you're not in that position.

Whitney-You know, I forgot, I was supposed to meet Miguel, Why don't you come with me over to the Bennett's? He is waiting for me over there.

Teresa-Sure Whit! let me grab my computer....(she grabs it and they're off)

At the Bonnets.....

Kay, Charity, Ethan, and Miguel are sitting around with pizza....

(Ethan and Charity are gazing lovingly into each other's eyes....)

Kay- You know, Ethan, I was wondering if maybe you could set me up with one of your friends, I haven't had a date in...I don't know...forever, and maybe you, me, and Charity, and your friend could go, you know on a double date.

Charity-That's a great idea Kay! Ethan, why don't you call Tony? He's fresh from a divorce, and very sweet.

Ethan-that's a lovely idea Charity. I'll call him later tonight.

Charity-Miguel, Could I see you in the kitchen a moment???

They go into the kitchen.

Miguel-what is it Charity? is everything all right?

Charity-Actually, no Miguel it isn't. I was at the doctor, and we were discussing when I was due...and he told me that I am exactly 6 months pregnant. And the thing is, I thought I was 5. Miguel we were together 6 months ago!

Miguel-are you sure Charity? I mean, it could be a common mistake, you could ask Reese, after all, he does hold the world in his head. Charity-Miguel, I'm sure. I'm carrying your baby. What am I gonna do? I love Ethan, and we are starting a family, the only thing is, is that it's not his family! oh!

Miguel-Calm down, Charity. This stress cant be good for the baby, trust me. We'll think of something, don't you worry..... (Tabitha and Timmy are listening outside)

Timmy- Timmy thinks you did a bad thing princess!

Tabitha-Nonsense, Timmy! This way...Charity will think Miguel is the father, when the thing is, is that Evil has impregnated her!

Timmy-That cant be too good Tabitha, what if Charity dies?

Tabitha-No Tim Tim! This baby will be pure evil! And as soon as Ethan is dead....I will finally have my powers back!!!

Timmy-okay Tabby, let's go have a martimmy, an early celebration. Tabitha-For a doll, you have some marvelous ideas! Let's go Timmy!

(They head off for Tabitha's.....


At the Lopez-Fitzgerald home....

Sheridan and Luis are watching "Titanic".

Sheridan(talking to herself in her head)-I admit im a very suspicous women, but I know that something is going on with Luis, could he be cheating on me?

Luis-(talking to himself)-When will this stupid movie get over? I have to get out of here so I can meet Gwen...c'mon Dicaprio, Die already.


Luis-Yes, Sheridan?

Sheridan-I was wondering, if you'd want to skip the movie, and just go to bed early?

Luis-You know Sheridan, I have to tell you something.

Sheridan-Luis, what is it? You sound serious.

Luis-Well it is. As you know, me and Gwen have become close friends ever since she helped me break up Ethan and Teresa.

Sheridan-Go on...

Luis-Well the thing is, I think I have fallen in love with her.

...Sheridan slaps him hard across the face...

Sheridan-I cant believe you! After everything we went through to be together, after my own father disowned me for loving you! how dare you


...She bursts into tears....

Luis-Sheridan, I dont know what to say, these things happen. It's life.   I still love you.

Sheridan-Get out of here! Out! Get out!!

Luis-This is my house!!! You get out!!

Sheridan-Get the hell out Luis!!!

....Luis gets up, and with a look of regret, leaves.....

Outside the Lopez-Fitzgerald home....

Gwen is alone, waiting for Luis.

Gwen-Oh, Finally I will get my revenge on Teresa! When she finds out about me and Luis from Sheridan, she will be so mad! Oh the perfect revenge, and then, as soon as I get that bleached blond little bimbo away from Ethan, he will be mine forever!!!

....Gwens phone rings....


Rebecca (on phone)-Darling hello! Now, tell me all about, did you have sex with Luis like I told you? Oh! And did Teresa walk in just like we planned?

Gwen-Well mother, we did have sex, but Teresa was off with Chad of course, there was no hope for her to see us. But, Luis told me he was going to inform Sheridan tonight about us, and when Sheridan finds out the truth, she will surely tell Teresa.

Rebecca-Gwen, listen to me darling. We have other problems, it's that Charity girl I'm worried about. We have to think of a plan to get rid of her now.

Gwen-Mother, Don't worry. I'm going to try and talk to Miguel, you know, Teresa's brother? Well I guess they were together before, maybe I could drop some hints, try and find a way to get them back together again.

Rebecca-Excellent thinking Gwen, as always.

Gwen-I only learned it from the best.

...Luis suddenly appears....

Gwen-Ooh, mother I must go, Luis is here to take me to dinner!

Rebecca-Buh Bye darling, have fun, try and go to the club, perhaps you will see Ethan with that wife of his. It would make him insanely jealous to see you and Luis together, as a couple.

Gwen-your right! I'll call you later.

Luis-Gwen, I told her, she knows the truth. I cant say she didn't take it very well.

Gwen-What do you expect Luis? For her to say congratulations?

They walk away....talking...arguing...bickering....

....Hank and Pierre are lurking in the bushes.....

Pierre-Do it now! Sheridan is alone, you can go kill her, no one will know.

Hank-You know, I can't. Sheridan found out about Gwen and Luis, this means I might have a chance with her!

Pierre-Do it now....Sheridan is the only one who could pin us down...Do it, Hank...or your past shall be revealed.

Hank-Okay, Okay, just calm down, I'm going....

At the Bennett House....

Miguel is staring at Charity's belly.....

Charity-Miguel, you know you can't look at me like that when other people are around, especially Ethan!

Miguel-Can't you take just a moment to reflect on the times we shared together, and look what came of it. We created something wonderful in the process.

Charity-Miguel, please. I cant listen to it.

...Inside Charity's Belly...

Evil possessed baby-As soon as I get out of here, me and the others can start eleminating all the good people of Harmony...And we will rule once again!!! ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa.

Charity-Oh! I heard some sort of echoing, and vibration going through my body, Miguel! It was the strangest thing!

Miguel-Don't worry about it Charity, it's just your imagination.

Charity suddenly falls to the ground, and begins twitching, her rising belly begins to stretch out, becoming bigger and bigger....

More to come with Teresa & Chad...Julian & Ivy

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