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2002 Passions Countdowns

Countdowns by Michele and Cheryl

Week of 12/9 - 12/13/02

We hope that you like it.

This is a weekly countdown. We will be keeping track of how many times things happened during each episode. Anyone who watches Passions knows that the characters have a tendency to do things over and over again so we wanted to try and count them up.

Flashbacks: Not too many of these this week. We are so surprised by that.

Mon. 2, Tues. 1, Wed. 1, Thurs. 2, Fri. 1 Total for week: 7

No one did it more than the others during any particular episode.

Winners for this category are: Theresa and Beth had the most flashbacks this week. They were both tied for two times each.

Talking to themselves: Many Passions fans know that they do this quite often, but it wasn't too bad this week. Imagine our surprise.

Mon. 3, Tues. 4, Wed. 7, Thurs. 3, Fri. 7 Total count: 24

*Nobody had an edge on Monday. Three different characters talked to themselves.

*Theresa did it the most on Tuesday: 2 Times.

*Gwen did it the most on Wednesday: 2 Times.

*Mrs. Wallace talked to herself the most on Thursday: 2 Times.

*Mrs. Wallace did it the most on Friday too: 3 Times.

Theresa and Mrs. Wallace did the most talking this week six times each.   They really need to find psychiatrists to talk to.


Mon. 6, Tues. 12, Wed. 6, Thurs. 9, Fri. 2 Total count: 35

*No one recapped more than the others on Monday. Six characters  recapped something during this episode.

*Theresa did it the most on Tuesday. She did it three times.

*Ivy recapped the most on Wednesday. She did it three times too.

*Ethan is the winner for Thursday. He also did it three times.

*Gwen did it the most with two times on Friday.

Our winners for the week: Ethan, Gwen and Theresa. They all recapped five times this week. We don't have amnesia, so all of that was unnecessary.

The number of times a character said the name of the character he/she was talking to. This happened the most this week. We didn't even realize how much until this week.

Mon. 77, Tues. 69, Wed. 83, Thurs. 74, Fri. 88 Total Count: 391

*Luis did this the most on Monday with 11 times.

*Theresa did it the most on Tuesday also with 11 times.

*Theresa is the winner again on Wednesday with 12 times.

*Once again, Theresa is the winner for Thursday with 16 times.

*Antonio is the big winner for Friday with 19 times.

Winner for the week: is Theresa with 38 times in one week. Wow girl!

Liz talking about blackmailing Eve: Surprisingly, she only did this one time this week. She did it once on Tuesday.

Misunderstanding something: Someone is always getting the wrong idea about something someone else is saying. This also didn't happen too much.

Mon. 6, Tues. 2, Wed. 0, Thurs. 2, Fri. 3 Total Count: 13

*Charity did this a lot on Monday. She did it four times.

*No one did it more than the others on Tuesday. Two characters did this on Tuesday.

*No one misunderstood anything on Wednesday.

*Sheridan was the only one to do this on Thursday. She did it 2 times.

*Antonio did this the most on Friday. He did it 2 times.

Winner is: of course, Charity with four times in one day. Get a clue, girl!

Lying: Not too bad this week. Guess they are running out of lies to tell.

Mon. 3, Tues. 6, Wed. 0, Thurs. 3, Fri. 7 Total count: 19

*No one has an edge on Monday. Three characters lied.

*Eve lied the most on Tuesday. She lied twice.

*No one lied on Wednesday. We were so shocked.

*No one has an edge on Thursday. Once again three characters lied.

*Theresa, Mrs. Wallace and Beth all lied twice on Friday.

The biggest liar for the week: Beth - she lied 3 times this week.


Mon. 0, Tues. 3, Wed. 2, Thurs. 0, Fri. 0 Total Count: 5

*No one did this on Monday.

*Three people eavesdropped on Tuesday.

*Two people eavesdropped on Wednesday.

* No one did this on Thursday or Friday.

Winners are: Eve and John. They overheard/eavesdropped two times this week. Stop being so nosy!

Having the same conversation over and over: This happens all the time on Passions. The majority of the scenes on the show are like this.

Mon. 3, Tues. 5, Wed., 5 Thurs. 4, Fri. 4 Total Count: 21

This particular category is different from the others. Since it's hard to tell who did this the most, we will let you all know which characters were in it during the episodes. If you are a fan of the show, you will have an idea what they kept talking about.


Luis and Sheridan kept talking about Antonio. Sheridan kept telling Luis that she loved him and that she wanted to marry him; Charity kept talking to Kay about how she will find love; Beth kept telling Mrs. Wallace that she is marrying Luis and that she is putting her in an old folks home.


John & Kay kept talking about Miguel and Charity; TC, Liz and Eve kept talking about Whitney; Theresa and Whitney kept talking about Ethan; Eve and Liz were talking about TC when he left; Kay keeps telling Miguel how he used her.


Kay and Miguel are still talking about how she felt used; Eve and Ivy kept talking about Sam and Eve's marriage being in trouble; David and John kept talking about Kay; David and Ivy were talking about her plan to break up Sam and Grace.


Beth and Mrs. Wallace kept talking about her marrying Luis and her childhood; Theresa and Pilar are talking about Ethan; Sheridan and Gwen kept talking about Luis and Beth; Luis and Ethan keep talking about Sheridan, Antonio and Theresa.


Sheridan and Luis kept talking about Antonio; Gwen, Rebecca and Ivy kept talking about Ethan and Theresa; Ethan and Theresa kept talking about him working at Crane Industries and Gwen; Mrs. Wallace kept talking, mostly to herself, about stopping Beth from marrying Luis.

Walking in at the wrong moment: This didn't happen that much. Shocking!

Mon. 0, Tues. 4, Wed. 0, Thurs. 0, Fri. 0 Total count: 4

*No one did this on Monday.

*TC did this two times on Tuesday.

*No one did this on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

TC did this the most this week with 2 times.

Plotting or Scheming:

Mon. 0, Tues. 3, Wed. 1, Thurs. 1, Fri. 1 Total Count: 6

*No one plotted on Monday.

*No one had an edge on Tuesday. Three people did this.

*Theresa was the only one to do this on Wednesday.

*Theresa was the only one to do this on Thursday too.

*Theresa did this one time on Friday.

Winner is: Theresa

Well, that's it for this week.

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