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Passions Article

Shirley's Opinions

By Shirley

1/15/07 - 1/19/07

My gripe this week is what the writers are doing to our favorite characters.  I have never seen a soap so intent on character assassination where their most beloved characters are concerned, and it's really bugging me.  I guess knowing that the show is being cancelled in favor of !!!!!!!!YET ANOTHER HOUR OF THE TODAY SHOW!!!!!! might explain it, but still, it's a rotten thing to do to those of us who've stuck with the show all these years.

Now, I have to get something off my chest before I go any further, so here goes.  Four hours of Today?  They really think that's going to boost viewership?  Are they out of their everloving minds?  It was bad enough when they stuck the third hour on, filling it with the most useless, boring drivel known to mankind, but now they want to give us another one?  WHY?!?!?!?!?  It makes no sense to me, but then, very little this network does makes sense any more.  Any wonder it's lost it's first place standing?  I don't know about your local station, but mine gives us paid commercials most of the daytime hours, with local news at noon and then Days, Passions, and Dr. Phil to fill up the rest, so why can't they get rid of one of those hours instead of Passions?  I'm so sick of the whole thing I could scream!

Now, back to the subject of this opinion piece.  Why have the writers turned Sheridan, Fox, and Kay into unrecognizable caricatures of themselves?  We know they've dumbed down Ethan for years now, turned Gwen into a weak sister of her original self, and made Theresa into an even bigger idiot than she started out being, but to turn these people into some kind of evil monsters is unforgivable.  And they're blaming it on Tabitha's original curse!  Scraping the bottom of the barrel, are we, guys?

Tabby's curse was on the people of Harmony, making them unable to be happy in love, not on the Cranes to turn them into monsters whenever their hearts were broken, so when did that change?  It didn't.  Now, however, we're supposed to believe that it was ever thus, even tho none of the Cranes ever exhibited such a reaction before, except Alistair, if we're to believe that.  Now we have Fox, the Prince Charming of Daytime Land, turning into a lying, scheming monster who'll do or say anything to keep the woman he loves.   Where was all this evil when he lost Whitney, I'd like to know?  Wasn't his heart broken then?  It makes no sense, I tell you.

And Sheridan....what the heck has come over her?  She was our Crown Princess, Queen of the Fairytales and Ruler of Our Hearts, and now she's evil personified?  No, that simply doesn't cut it.  I mean, if she was going to be evil, wouldn't it have been when Luis was with Beth, or when she lost Marty, or one of the myriad times when Luis "died"?  They wait until she's supposedly happily married to Chris, when she no longer wants anything to do with Luis, to make her become infected by the curse?  Why?  And what the heck, is she Fancy's rapist or what?  How would that work, I'd like to know?  And just what was she doing to Luis yesterday that involved a knockout shot, a condom, and some moaning and daydreaming of Fancy on Luis' part?  That's just sick!

Julian, of course, has reverted back to his evil self, thanks to Eve's turnabout on TC, and that's ruined him, too.  I loved him as the good Julian, and having him back to this horrible, vengeful, evil scum is heartbreaking.  The good guy is still in there, we get glimpses of him occasionally, but it's the evil one that's taken over and I can't stand it.  If he was going to turn evil, why wasn't it the first time he broke up with Eve?  From what they've told us of their back story he was already a chip off Daddy's block when they were together, there was no sudden turn to the Dark Side back then.  Why is it happening now?

And Kay....could she be any more of a slut now?  How many times has she jumped from Fox's bed to Miguel's and back again?  And now she marries Fox, spends part of her wedding night with him, then spends the rest of it making love to Miguel on the beach!  I tell you, she's lost every bit of good sense she ever had.  And don't try to tell me it's Fox's fault, since it all started with her letting Miguel sweet talk her into his bed in the first place.  She's disgusting, that's all I know, and no amount of turning Fox evil will change that.  And just how stupid is she to dump Fox, who loves her and only wants to do the best for her and her daughter, for the guy who couldn't have cared less about her or their daughter until he saw she was doing very well with Fox?  Stupid, that's all it is.

I've been a Kay backer since the show began, because I understood what made her desperate enough to do the stupid, hurtful things she did, but no more.  This is just disgusting, and I can't for the life of me find a good reason for her doing what she's doing.  Yes, she had amnesia for a while (or did she?) and Miguel took advantage of that by raping her while he was supposed to be helping her, but once she got her memory back she should have realized what he'd done and kicked him completely out of her life.  Nope, she turned on Fox and tore his heart out, shredded it, and force-fed it back to him instead.  Way to go, Kay.  And way to mess up a character, writers.

I guess it could be the writer's way of making us so sick of these people that we won't mind when the show goes off the air, and maybe that's right, but it isn't the right way to go about it.  They need to be ending all the mysteries they've fed us over the years instead.  As for how they'll end the show, instead of having the curse broken and everyone finally happy with their true loves, the only way they can explain all this carnage and end the show on a happy note is to have someone wake up from a horrible nightmare and find everything the way it should be.  I just wish we, the viewers, could wake up from the nightmare the writers have made of this show, and do it soon.  It's making me sick, that's all I know.

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