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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #236

10/29/07 Ė 11/2/07

Tabitha was back
We were glad to see Tabitha back on the show this week.  She has been gone for a really long time.  She managed to make Kay look guilty for the murders in town.  She put Kayís fingerprint on Esmeís headboard.  That was smart thinking on her part.  Kay couldnít explain to Sam how her print ended up at the mansion.  It was great watching Kay squirm over that.  Tabitha had her right where she wanted her.  Tabitha had a way to free her of the charges if she would let her do evil things.  Tabitha had no problem watching Kay go to prison if she didnít agree to the terms.  Kay finally agreed.  We loved that because Tabitha put Kay in her place.  Kay shouldnít have interfered with Tabithaís plans and put her in the bag.  Itís too bad that Tabitha did decide to help her.  She should have let her sweat it out a little longer.

Gwenís reaction to Eve
Liza did a really good job with her acting this week.  She looked like she was really going to hurt someone when she found out that Jonathan was sick.  She really lost it once she saw Eve.  Gwen really slapped the taste out of Eveís mouth.  We were almost afraid for Eveís life because Gwen looked like she really wanted to hurt Eve.  Lizaís acting was really good during these scenes.

A genuine Shuis moment
As Shuis fans know, itís hard to get any good Shuis moments lately without Fancy or Kay trying to ruin them one way or another.  We actually got a chance to see them have a conversation without fighting.  They were talking about Marty at the end of this week and Sheridan didnít blame Luis for him being missing.  Luis listened to her and he tried to comfort her.  It was good to see that happen without Tabitha making it happen.  We would be happier that Sheridan and Luis had sex at the end of the week, but Tabitha made that happen.  We would like to see it happen on its own one day.

Rebecca tried to reason with Gwen
We didnít think we would ever see a time when Rebecca would show more compassion than Gwen, but it did.  Rebecca tried to talk Gwen into allowing the doctor to save Jonathanís life.  Gwen didnít want the doctor to use any treatments to save the baby.  Rebecca tried to talk some sense into Gwen about what she was doing to the baby.  Rebecca even went so far as to pray for the babyís help.  It was nice to see Rebecca care for someone else for a change.  Rebecca should show this side more often.

Rebecca blackmailed Pilar
It was good to see Rebecca back at the controls.  She threatened Theresa and Pilar by dangling the secret in front of their faces.  Rebecca did not back down to either of them the way that Gwen did.  Gwen needs to learn from her mother because Rebecca knows how to blackmail people.






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Updated 11/2/07



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