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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #233

10/8/07 Ė 10/12/07

Eve suspected Vincent/Valerie
Eve actually had a sober moment this week.  Vincent was haunting her again this week.  We all know that sheís telling the truth, but no one else knows.  Anyway, Vincent conveniently has his Valerie mask with him so he put it on when Julian found him.  Eve ended up suspecting that ďValerieĒ had something to do with whatís going on at her house.  We were surprised that she was actually close to figuring out that Vincent was trying to make her crazy.  Even though Eve is drinking like a fish, at least we know that her brain is still working.


Gwen got the goods on Pilar
It was a great moment for us to watch.  Pilar was going on and on about Gwen leaving Ethan and Theresa alone.  Pilar kept telling her how she should be with a man who loves her instead of Ethan.  That plan of Pilarís didnít work out that well.  Gwen told her to tell Theresa to leave Ethan alone.  Pilar jumped up on her high horse and refused to do it.  Gwen certainly made her change her tune.  Gwen pulled out a piece of paper that sealed her fate.  Gwen told Pilar how she knew her secret.  We donít know what it is yet, but it was enough for Pilar to change her attitude.  We loved it.  Pilar kept going on and on to Gwen about Theresa being the love of Ethanís life.  We were waiting for Gwen to shut Pilar up.  Gwen did it once she threw up Pilarís dirt in her face, she ended up doing what she wanted.


Pilarís performance
Even though we thought that Pilar was being high and mighty, we thought that her acting was really good.  Evaís performance was really good when she tried to appeal to Gwenís sympathy.  It was a good try.  Eva was really convincing when she told Gwen that she deserved a man who loved her.  We didnít like how she only said those things to Gwen because of Theresa, but Eva did a good job.


Pilarís speech for Theresa
Pilar had to give Theresa a reason for why she didnít want her with Ethan.  She told Theresa about the way she used to act.  She called Theresa selfish and told her how she wasnít a child anymore.  She also said how she did everything she could to come between Ethan and Gwen until she got her way.  Itís too bad that Pilar only said those things because she was being blackmailed.  Pilar should have told Theresa that years ago.  Maybe Theresa would have gotten over her obsession with Ethan.







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