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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #225

8/6/07 Ė 8/10/07

Endora saved Luisís life
Can you believe it?  There were five adults who knew about Vincent (Father Lonigan, Sheridan, Eve, Julian, and Tabitha), but it took a four-year-old to do something for Luis.  Any of them could have turned Vincent in, but they kept quiet.  To be fair, Eve wanted to confess so weíll get to her in a bit.  Norma and Edna thought Endora could use her magic to save Luis.  Tabitha didnít want her to do it, but Endora did it anyway.  Endora managed to turn back time.  It ended up being just what Luis needed to save his life.  Luckily, she was willing to do it because his family certainly didnít do much to help him.

Eve finally confessed
We liked how Eve confessed to the warden that Luis was innocent.  She had to turn on her son to do it.  It was a hard position for Vincent to put her in, but she ended up doing the right thing after all.  She has to deal with the fallout of keeping quiet, but she did the right thing.  She also has to possibly go to jail for her silence.  She will probably regret her decision after everyone turns on her again, but she can have a clear conscience now.

The aftermath of Eveís confession
Things really seemed to heat up after Eve confessed.  Simone finally learned the truth about Raeís murder.  She went ballistic.  It was funny watching her go after him and put him in a chokehold.  No one even did anything at first.  Sam and company finally stopped her.  It didnít end there.  Eve mentioned how Vincent was also the blackmailer too.  That made Ethan and Sam go after him too.  Ethan wanted to go after Vincent because of what he did to Theresa.  Sam wanted to get him because of what he did to Jessica.  It was funny watching Vincent flirt with them as well as Chad before he was taken away.

Another thing we enjoyed was watching Luis yell at Sheridan for what she did to Theresa.  She shouldnít have done what Vincent wanted her to do.  Luis said that he didnít want to see her at the time.  Sheridan had that coming.  Since Theresa didnít want to press charges against her, itís good to know that sheís not going to get away with what she tried to do to Theresa.





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