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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #221

7/9/07 Ė 7/14/07

Gwen and Sheridan reunited
It was nice to see them talking to each other this week.  Itís been a long time since they have had scenes together.  They actually talked like friends instead of Sheridan constantly defending Theresa to Gwen.  Seeing them together this week reminded us that they are best friends since there were times when their friendship seemed uneven.

Gwen wanted better for herself
Gwen let Rebecca know that she didnít want to be back with Ethan since he didnít really love her.  She wants a man who loved only her.  Thatís a normal request.  Most people want to be with someone who loves only them.  For now, Gwen didnít let Rebecca talk her into taking Ethan back.  She deserves better than a man who only stayed with her out of obligation.

Tabitha missed Endora
It was so sweet watching Tabitha react to missing Endora.  She wasnít even away from her that long and she wanted to see her again.  She snuck back to the witch school in order to see her.  She can certainly teach the other parents in Harmony a thing or two about caring for their children.  They all can go weeks Harmony time and real time without seeing their children and be okay with it.

Secrets were revealed
The writers actually revealed a few secrets.  Julian found out that Tabitha and Endora are witches.  That wasnít a secret to the audience, but it was a secret to him.  He was understanding about it.  Eve found out that the blackmailer is her son with Julian.  Most people already suspected that the blackmailer was Eve and Julianís son, but it might have been a surprise to someone who avoided spoilers.  Gwen and Rebecca found out Theresaís secret.  Maybe it will get Theresa to tell the truth about little Ethan.  We know that was expecting too much.

Julian and Tabitha had a truce
After they saved Endora from the bad witches, Julian and Tabitha bonded at her house.  They seemed to be getting along.  Tabitha told him a little about her past.  They reminisced about Timmy and what he meant to them.  It was great change seeing them getting along.  Maybe they will worth together more now that they have an understanding.

Sheridan and Theresaís scenes
We were two-sided about their scenes at the cafť.  Theresa reminded Sheridan about Sheridan and Luisís situation and why they arenít together.  She was right about Sheridan.  She is the reason why sheís not with Luis.  The problem was, she came off hypocritical.  Luckily Sheridan called her out for it.  She let her know how she did the same thing to Ethan and Gwen.  Naturally, Theresa was done with the conversation once Sheridan threw her dirt in her face.


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