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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #218

6/18/07 Ė 6/22/07

Theresa gave Whitney advice
This particular advice fit as a Rave as well as a Rant.  We were two-sided about Theresaís advice because she was hypocritical about it.  When Whitney told Theresa that she didnít want Chad anywhere near her children, Theresa told her that Chad had a right to be with his children.  She was right, but she came off like a hypocrite.  Since this is the Rave section, we wonít go into why we thought she was a hypocrite here.  Whitney eventually saw what Theresa was saying about Chad being a part of her childrenís lives.

Julian and Ivy got together
We werenít sure if they were going to get together after the way Ivy dumped him.  This week, Ivy wanted to get back together.  She was talking to a friend who made her see the light about being alone.  She was willing to overlook the fact that he lied to her.  He was willing to do the same thing for her.  Of course it almost didnít work when Ivy found a letter Julian wrote to her.  He wanted to be the one to apologize to her, but he let her do it.  We know.  That was a stupid reason for her to be upset with him.  Fortunately, her anger didnít last long.  Their scenes added to some comedy because the employees at Crane were cracking jokes about who Julian was with in his office.

While weíre on the subject of Julian and Ivy getting together, letís talk about what happened when Eve caught them together.  The scenes were pretty good.  The actors did a good job with the material.  We were glad to see that Julian didnít back down to Eve because he was not wrong for being with Ivy. Eve told him that they were never going to get back together so he had every right to move on with Ivy. How was Julian supposed to know that Eve was ever going to consider getting back together with him?

Gwen was back
Thank goodness Gwen came back this week.  She was missed.  She brought the excitement that Ethan and Theresaís scenes needed.  We were sick of Ethan and Theresa having the same conversation about them being together.  Gwen gave us a break.  She also had great dialogue.  She really ripped into Theresa and Ethan and it was much deserved.  She yelled at Theresa for ruining her marriage and having the gall to marry Jared.  She told Theresa how she must have only been interested in him because he was taken.  Ethan tried to defend Theresa, but it didnít do any good.  She ripped him a new one too.  She called him a pathetic loser for chasing after Theresa when he knows Theresaís married.  She called Ethan and Theresa sick and said they deserved each other.  We were cheering her on so much that we hated to see the scenes end.  What was even better was the fact that Gwenís words must have a hit nerve with Ethan because he looked as if a light went on in his head about Theresa.  That look alone was worth the price of admission.

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