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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #216

5/28/07 Ė 6/1/07

Whitneyís performance
As we mentioned in the rants section, we thought that Whitneyís acting was good when she busted Chad.  She had a quiet anger instead of going over the top.  She was visibly disappointed in Chad for what he did to her.  That should have made Chad feel even worse.  We didnít think we would get it, but it was good to see her try and understand why he was with Vincent.  What was eve better was she didnít fall for him practically putting it on her for why he cheated on her.  What was missing from her performance was tears.  She should have gotten some tips from Lindsay on how to cry on demand.

Julian apologized to Ethan
Julian told Ethan that he was sorry for rejecting him when the truth came out.  He regretted treating him the way he did when he found out he wasnít his son.  We also liked how he didnít want Ethan to go through the same pain he went through when he found out about Ethan.  We donít know why Julian would really care about what Ethan is going through.  Ethan certainly doesnít return the favor for him.

Julian ripped into Theresa
We loved when Julian ripped into Theresa.  He really put her in her place for what she did to him.  It was music to our ears hearing what he said to her.  He called her arrogant and selfless.  He reminded her of the way she acted while being head of the Crane Empire.  When Theresa tried to justify why she was keeping him in the dark about little Ethan, he had something for her.  He asked her the million-dollar question when she said she didnít tell Ethan about little Ethan because Gwen would have talked him into taking little Ethan away from her.  He asked her why she didnít tell Ethan when Gwen left.  She could have told him then.  She wasnít getting blackmailed then so she had the option to tell the truth.  Even though Julian caved and didnít sell her out, we still enjoyed the way he put her in her place.

Eve was there for Whitney
Eve was a shoulder for Whitney to cry on when she wanted to talk about Chad.  She was just as shocked as Whitney was when she heard the news.  She didnít judge Whitney for not suspecting something. She was there to cry with her.  IT was as if Eve knew to be there for her daughter since she never did say why she was at the studio.

Pilar went off on Fancy and Sheridan
When Fancy and Sheridan were fighting over Luis, Pilar yelled at them.  She wanted them to focus on Luis and not themselves.  Luis was about to die and she didnít want to hear them going at it.  She wanted to concentrate on saving Luis.  She was right.  Saving Luis was more important than their silly little argument.  They realized they were wrong and decided to call a truce for Luisís sake.

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