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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #215

5/21/07 Ė 5/25/07

The writers gave us a break
We donít know about you all, but we were so happy that the writers gave us a three-day break from the Shuis/Fancy story.  This story is really working on our nerves.  It was a nice change to see it rested for a few days.  It gave us a break from Fancyís constant whining and Sheridanís pathetic attempts to get back with Luis.

Julian wanted another chance with Eve
We felt so bad for him when he practically begged Eve to take him back.  He tried to tell her why he was with Ivy and the he would never do it again.  He only wanted a second chance with her.  He looked so crushed when she told him that she wouldnít give him another chance.  He said he wouldnít push her, but you could clearly see that he was disappointed.

Julian knows about little Ethan
Julian got a text message from the blackmailer to check his sonís DNA.  He thought it meant Foxís DNA.  He went to Eve to see what was going on.  Eve told him that Ivy could have tricked him the way she did before with Ethan.  She ran a DNA test on Fox and he matched Julianís DNA.  The only other option left was little Ethan.  Personally, we thought it took him too long to realize that it could have been little Ethan, but thatís the way it goes.  When Eve checked little Ethanís DNA with Julianís, she discovered that there wasnít a match.  Julian practically had a fire in his eyes when he realized that Theresa has known all along that little Ethan wasnít his son.  He thought she was just trying to get her hands on the Crane fortune.  We are glad that this secret is out because we are looking forward to what heís going to do to Theresa.  Let the fireworks begin because we are ready for the showdown.

Chad was tricked
Vincent really got Chad good.  He set it up so Whitney could see them together.  Vincent sent Whitney a text message to meet him at the bar where he and Chad met.  He called Chad and told him to meet him at the bar too.  He wasnít going to go until Noah told him to go and end it once and for all.  What Chad didnít know was Vincent sent for Whitney to meet him there.  Once Chad got to the bar and saw Vincent, he told him it was over between them.  He wanted to be a good husband and father.  Vincent begged him not to leave him, but it didnít work.  Then Vincent put on the performance of a lifetime and got Chad to have one more drink with him.  He was stalling until Whitney got there.  Chad saw Whitney at the bar so he wanted to hide in the storage room.  When Chad figured out what Vincent did, they got in a fight.  The next thing you know, they are about to have sex.  Conveniently, Vincent wanted her to meet him in the storage room.  When she got there, she and Theresa got an eyeful.  They saw Chad and Vincent making out.  The look on Whitneyís face was priceless.  Itís too bad the show had to end that way.  We wanted to see more.  We canít wait to see next weekís episodes where the sh*t is going to hit the fan.

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