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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #213

5/7/07 Ė 5/11/07

Spike got proof of Jessicaís cover up
We know that Spike is most likely the one who killed Jessicaís johns, but she deserved to get busted for getting rid of the body.  Spike took a picture of Jessica, Simone, and Paloma while they were getting rid of the dead john.  He peeked in the motel window and saw them leaving with the john.  Jessica should have never let Spike talk her into being with the johns again.

Sheridan and Spikeís scenes
We were pleasantly surprised by their scenes at the cottage.  Sheridan and Spike worked well together.  Their scenes added comic value.  She treated him as if he was dirt on her shoe.  She slapped the spit out of his mouth twice.  The first was when he kissed her.  We werenít surprised that she would have reacted that way since heís so gross.  The second time was when he foolishly wanted to know who she thought she was bossing him around.  She was getting her kicks yelling at him as if he worked for her.  Not for nothing, but he did hold his own up against her.  He did what she wanted, but he didnít take her yelling lying down.  We werenít sure how their scenes would have worked since they donít work together, but they were pretty good.  They may not have been for everyone, but we enjoyed them

Gwen was back
It was really good to see Gwen back.  She has been gone for too long.  The Theresa/Gwen debates just havenít been the same without her.  Liza is a great actress and one of our faves so she has been sorely missed.

Whitney and Eveís scenes
Their scenes were pretty good.  It was nice to see them bonding.  Eve opened up to her about Julian sleeping with Valerie and Ivy.  Whitney had to ruin it by rubbing it in that she doesnít have to worry about walking in on Chad, but Eve needed someone to talk to about Julian.

Fancy put Sheridan in her place
As much as Fancy has been getting on our nerves, she was right on the money about Sheridan.  Sheridan was yelling at Fancy at the prison.  She told Fancy once again about how sheís the reason why Luis is on death row.  Fancy did not take her yelling lying down.  She reminded Sheridan how she was the one who broke Luisís heart and how she hasnít shed a tear over James.  She also reminded Sheridan how she had her chance to be with Luis, but she chose to be with Chris.  Fancy was right about Sheridan. She could have been with Luis if she wanted him, but she chose to walk away from him.  Itís not Fancyís fault that Luis doesnít want her anymore. He got tired of waiting for her to change her mind and he moved on with his life.

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