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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #211

4/23/07 Ė 4/27/07

Jared told Kay to be honest with Fox
First off, we want to start this rave by saying how good it was to see two people who donít interact with each other in scenes together.  It Ďs such a rarity on this show.  When Kay was at the hospital, she overheard Jared talking about Theresa.  She went in his room and they had a conversation.  She opened up to him about her situation with Fox and Miguel.  Considering heís in a similar position as fox, he didnít judge her for being in love with two men.  He told her that she needed to be honest with Fox and tell him how she feels.  After some convincing, she agreed to tell Fox the truth.  There will be more about this in the Rants section.

Roscoe Borne made is appearance on the show
We thought that Roscoe did a great job as the warden in the prison.  We are familiar with him from his days on Santa Barbara.  He was deliciously evil and it was great.  He really put Luis and Miguel in their place when they got to the prison.

The blackmailer wanted Theresa and Ethan to pay
Theresa and Ethan were crazy enough to be together again.  They knew that the blackmailer was watching them and sure enough, he or she was watching them.  When Ethan found out where the blackmailer was hiding, he tore down the wall.  Ethan even found the blackmailer.  Luckily for the blackmailer outsmarted him and got away.  He/She had Ethan/Theresa running all over the passageway.

When the blackmailer found Theresa, he/she let Theresa have it.  He/She was so right about her.  The blackmailer reminded her that all of this mess was her fault.  She couldnít stay away from Ethan the way she was supposed to.  Theresa never does as sheís told.  The rules donít apply to her.  The best thing the blackmailer told her was how selfish and conniving she is.  The blackmailer was on the money as usual.  People may be sick of what the blackmailer is doing to her, but we enjoy it.  She needs to suffer the consequences of her actions.  She thinks that she can continue to be with Ethan regardless of what sheís told.

Theresa stood up to the blackmailer
For a few minutes, Theresa had us cheering for her.  She finally found some guts and stood up to the blackmailer.  She called him/her a freak and that no one will ever love them.  That seemed to do the trick because the blackmailer went bananas.  They dropped to the floor as if the words Theresa was saying were a deadly weapon.  We didnít know why she didnít keep it up.  She might have been able to get away from the blackmailer.  It was nice to see her stand up for herself instead of relying on Ethan to rescue her  This wasn't the smartest thing to do, but she actually stood up for herself without relying on Ethan for a change. She hasn't been able to do anything without anyone else's help since she has been getting blackmailed..

Sheridan and Ivyís showdown
Their scenes together were pretty good.  It was good to see Ivy defend Fancy to Sheridan.  Although Ivy didnít have a nerve to judge Sheridan for what she did, she still looked out for her.  We loved how Sheridan ripped into her too. Ivy has done enough bad things that she didnít have a right to railroad Sheridan.

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