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Michele and Cheryl's Rave #210

4/16/07 Ė 4/20/07

Timmy Flashbacks
Long-time viewers were in for a treat this week.  We got to see some old flashbacks of Timmy.  We didnít expect to see him again.  Itís good that the writers remember him every once in a while.  The scenes were a real treat.

Tabitha thought of Endoraís needs first
Endora wanted to go to school with other kids.  Tabitha wanted her to stay home with her.  She really didnít seem to want her to go to school with other kids.  She ended up talking to Timmy to get advice.  Tabitha had flashbacks of Timmy and she decided to let Endora go to school after all.  That was good of Tabitha to put her feelings aside to give Endora what she wanted.  It wasnít easy for Tabitha to do, but she saw how sad Endora was and she realized that she was being too selfish and changed her mind.  Itís a shame that more mothers in Harmony donít think of their childrenís happiness before their own.

Luis stood up to Sheridan
As most of you know, we are Shuis fans.  With that said, we enjoyed watching Luis stand up to Sheridan.  She got what she deserved.  Sheridan was treating Luis so badly when Marty was killed.  She blamed him for Martyís death.  He finally got the chance to do the same thing to her.  Sheridanís testimony helped get Luis convicted.  She wanted to make Fancy look so bad in court that she ended up making Fancy look like a liar. Her plan worked too well.  She contradicted Fancy and it made Luis look guilty.  We enjoyed seeing the look on her face when he blamed her.  As painful as it was to hear that Luis didnít love her anymore, she got what she deserved.  She told Luis over and over again that she didnít love him anymore so now she knows how that feels.  The look on her face when he said that was priceless.  The only thing that ruined those scenes was the smug look that was on Fancyís face.

Whitney finally told Valerie the truth
Whitney finally told Valerie about Vincentís affair.  Itís about time since she kept making such a big deal about it.  She made it her personal mission to tell her the truth.  Now that sheís told Valerie the truth, she finally stopped talking about it.  Weíre curious as to what Vincent will do to her now that sheís opened her mouth.

The old Valerie was back
We couldnít tell you how happy we were to see the old Valerie back on the show.  She does a much better job than her replacement did.  She didnít fit in with the characters in her storylines. The scenes that the old Valerie had with Whitney and Chad worked better once she was back in the role.  Thank goodness Daphne is back in the role. You were sorely missed.

Pilarís reaction to Luis and Miguelís verdicts
Pilar did a good job when she found out that Luis and Miguel were found guilty.  She really looked like she was hurting.  We really felt sorry for her when she was begging Judge Reilly not to find her sons guilty.  She certainly made up for her not being there for them sooner.  The only thing missing from her scenes were tears. LOL! She could consult with Lindsay Hartley to learn how to cry on demand. LOL!

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Updated 4/22/07



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